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Transcript of Sonny and Brenda's scenes on March 7, 1997

Brenda: You know, of everything that's ever happened in my life, your love was the best. I couldn't let go of it even when I wanted to. It's the strongest thing in my life.

Sonny: And now you're gonna die because of me, Brenda.

Brenda: (Shakes her head) You tried to protect me.

Sonny: No, I saw what I wanted and I took it. You were this young, wild, little girl - (Brenda starts laughing) - I was more trouble than you'd ever seen and you just had to have me. (he smiles)

Brenda: You asked me out!

Sonny: Yeah, but I warned you first, and I kept on warning you because I knew it'd be harder for you to stay away.

Brenda: So you played with me… (she is still smiling)

Sonny: Yeah, yeah…for about five seconds. That's all it took me to know that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. You know, even now, I walk by your billboards and see some guy staring up and I think - this guy's an idiot. What does he know? He doesn't have a clue how beautiful she really is. Not even Jax knows… (Brenda starts smiling again at this!)…only me. And if we had grown old together, when you had lines on your face and gray in your hair, you'd still be the most perfect thing in the world to me.

Brenda: (Smiling) You know I can't even picture you old…it doesn't matter what happens to your face. I'll always look in your eyes and see a little boy…abused and scared, holding all the pain inside. You know, I wanted to be the one person that never did anything to hurt you and I did.

Sonny: Hey, I hurt you too, c'mon, hey, the hard part is I can't take it back…all the fighting, everything, you know, that I said to you.

Brenda: It's okay…it doesn't matter. Sonny….

Sonny: No, no….(jumps up)

Brenda: You okay?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm alright. I just…I can't…Oh, I don't want to, I can't do this anymore, I don't need to do that…

(end of first scene)

(2nd scene, Sonny is pacing nervously)

Brenda: You feel better?

Sonny: Do you know how much I hate you seeing me like this?

Brenda: Sonny, why do you keep blaming yourself for what your stepfather did to you?

Sonny: Because I let it happen.

Brenda: You were a child, what were you supposed to do?

Sonny: Kill him! I knew where the gun was…I should - I knew how to fire it.

Brenda: Look, if you would have done that, who knows what would have happened to you…you never would have met me.

Sonny: No, we were inevitable. As long as we were alive, it was going to happen between us. (Puts his head down and mumbles 'oh, boy')

Brenda: Are you sure you're okay?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm alright. The attacks, whatever you want to call them, they wear me out. I could just fall asleep right now.

Brenda: No, no, no. (She comes to him and kneels at his feet) I don't want you to sleep, you freaked me out with this dying thing…and I don't want to lose you yet.

Sonny: You won't…even in Hell I'll be thinking about you.

Brenda: You're not going to Hell.

Sonny: How would you know? You never even go to church? (they both laugh).

Brenda: 'Cause. People who beat up little kids go to Hell. Not good men who've done some bad things.

Sonny: For almost a year, I wanted to die. But I didn't kill myself because suicide is a mortal sin and it would hurt too many people. So you know what I did? I drank myself to sleep and I would pray that I wouldn't wake up in the morning. And now it's finally happening and I'm not ready for it. I'm not ready for it because I'll never have a chance to love you like I should have. (whispers) I'll never have a chance to thank Mike.

Brenda: No, Mike knows. He loves you.

Sonny: That's something, huh? (still whispering)

Brenda: Yeah. (she is whispering too). Love's never wasted. (She feels sick again, wipes her hand over her forehead. Then she finds Sonny's wedding ring in the dirt). Wait. Hey.

Sonny: What?

Brenda: It's your ring.

Sonny: Oh, right. When I didn't find it on Harry, I thought I'd lost it, thank you.

Brenda: I wonder how long Jax will wear my ring? You know, we're not even really married, just in our hearts. You know the last thing I ever wanted was to hurt him. I wanted so much to love him back the way he loved me.

Sonny: Someone comes into your life and loves you, you don't expect to get it and earn it but they say you're better than you know…maybe they're right.

Brenda: I hated that Lily could give you peace.

Sonny: I hated that Jax made you feel safe.

Brenda: (laughs, then becomes serious). I almost lost myself so many times in you…I always stopped myself.

(end of 2nd scene)

Brenda: Remember when I told you that I didn't love you? I lied.

Sonny: I know…I know. (Brenda smiles at him)

Brenda: I love you and it's the only thing in my life I've ever really known…I don't even know whether it's right or it's wrong but it's real…I do love you. (she smiles)

(Sonny gives her this intense gaze and they stand up. She puts her right hand on the back of his neck and they start kissing. She puts her hands on his face. He sits down again and draws her to him. She looks at him and there are tears in her eyes, like she can't believe they've wasted all this time up til now and now they are going to die - we can't believe it either, Brenda! - then goes back to kissing him passionately. He slides her shirt off her shoulders and undoes her bra…he slides his lips down her neck and kisses her bare shoulder…and then unfortunately for us, the scene ends!)

(Brenda is buttoning her shirt back up and…she is sitting in front of Sonny, leaning on him. Their heads are together and he is stroking her hair.)

Sonny: You alright?

Brenda: Yeah. I was just thinking about…when we first met at that car dealership, remember? (she laughs). You smiled at me and I knew that I would follow you anywhere.

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Brenda: I'm not (whispers). Turns her face up to Sonny and kisses him again and smiles.

Sonny: Go to sleep, sweetheart. (Sonny draws his coat over them and Brenda takes his arm and draws it around her.)