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S&B Questions of the Month Results

1) Our Sonny's back from the land of mourning! Should he:
Fight for the love of his life, Brenda, right away!: 70
Show Jax that a real man can have a wife that loves him, not just their life: 2
Possibly become friends with Ned because of their mutual distance from Lois: 3
All of the Above: 105

2) Easy question: Should Maurice Benard have won the Best of the Best Actor at the SOU awards?
Yes: 173
No: 5

3) Another easy question: Will Maurice be nominated/win an Emmy this year?
Yes: 172
No: 6

4) Jax should:
Follow Tracy: 31
Get a divorace: 45
Find his long lost love: 98

5) Do you think that GH is investing enough time into their "Impassioned Triangle"?

Yes: 56
No: 134

6) In recent shows, what is your opinion on Sonny's new attitude?
Our Sonny is back and kicking and I'm loving every second of it!: 175
Sonny's been acting jealous (of a one-sided-love marriage) and immature (because he's not in constant mourning).: 5

7) Do you think that Sonny's calling Jax a Corporate Kangaroo was offensive?
Yes, I thought that it was.: 7
No! I actually found it quite funny!: 173

8) When should S&B reunite?
Within the month: 50
Stone's death date: 70
At Christmas/New Years: 30
Valentines day: 15
Not sure: 14

The Suggestions

Thank you for all of the great suggestions. Here are my responses to some of them:

A real live Sonny: Sorry, I can't send a real live Sonny/Maurice to everyone. :-)

A chat with Maurice: OK, this is a little more realistic! I'm not sure if this can be arranged or not, I'll have to see. The best bet for a chat with Maurice is through America Online, which I don't have.

Downloadable pictures: All pictures on the internet are downloadable. Click on the image with your right mouse button and go down to "Save as". Mac users, click on the image for a couple seconds and a menu will pop up.

Pictures from recent shows and S&B movies: At the present time, I cannot do this. However, I am in a program through Geocities that earns points towards anything in their store. I currently have 400 points, and I need 1000-2000, depending on which photo/movie recorder I get. Points are earned through hits to the page, so if you want to help, please visit my Phantom of the Opera page every now and then. (OK, this could be considered advertising, but there's an incentive: More pictures and movies!)

More surveys: With the new poll script, I can only have one question per script, but since it does not take up a lot of room, I can have several scripts with a different question on each.

More storylines: If you have written a storyline, come to the new S&B Storylines page for info on how to submit it!

More top tens: If you have written a top ten list and you want it published on S&B Online, e-mail it to me at If it is not yours, please include the name and address (if possible) of the author.

More Songs: I recieve a few songs titles every week, but I can't put them on the page without the lyrics! Please, when submitting a song, try to find the lyrics and type them up for me. It's the only way that I can put them online.

More Message Boards: OK! There is a new S&B Storylines message board. If you want any other message boards (ie. one for Brenda, one for GH, etc), send the suggestion to so that I know that you are interested in that board theme.

"Concentration" type board where you can flip over two images and try to match them (I saw this on a "Toy Story" website). This would be neat...kinda like a game with GH character images. I believe that this is a Jave amplet and I'll look into it!

Chat rooms: We now have two! There are regularly sceduled IRC Chats as well as a 24 hour chat room

S&B Scenes, quotes: We have these...come to the main page for the links.

Updates: If you are interested in becoming an updater for Sonny and Brenda Online, e-mail me with the day you want to give updates for. I'll need one regular updater plus one alternate in case the regular updater cannot give that day's update.

S&B Sound bytes: These will be on S&B online when I recieve the tapes.

I think that was the majority of the suggestions. Thanks for all of them and all of the polls!

Additional note: Tracy, how do you do this every week? I took me hours to go through all of the polls!

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