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Sonny and Brenda's History

Brenda returns from her honeymoon to learn of Lily's death, and goes to Sonny. Sonny is able to open up to her a little, and share some of his grief.

The next day while Brenda tells Robin about her marriage to Jax, Sonny learns that he has - through Lily - inherited $30 million from Rivera. At the Nurse's Ball, Sonny chooses to donate the money to General Hospital to fund the Stone Cates Memorial AIDS Wing. Robin is moved by this gesture and rushes to thank Sonny. Later, she tells him that Brenda and Jax are married.

After Robin delivers her emotional speech, Sonny leaves. Concerned, Brenda follows him and they come close to making love until Sonny pulls away and encourages Brenda to return home to Jax.

Brenda resumes her modelling career and bumps into Sonny at the Port Charles Hotel at a photo shoot. He gives her some encouragement much to Jax's dismay who finds them together. After Sonny leaves, Jax questions Brenda as to why she's still taking pain medication. Later, at Kelley's, Brenda becomes dizzy and faints. Luckily, Sonny is there to catch her.

Sonny decides he needs to find a legitimate front for his money. Jason offers Sonny his twelve percent of ELQ stock and they strike a deal. Later, Jason announces to the Quartermaines that he sold his share of stock with Sonny with the stipulation that he must always side with Ned.

Meanwhile, Brenda who is still experiencing pain from her hit and run accident convinces Alan to prescribe more pain pills. During a photo shoot, Brenda is plagued with visions of Sonny and later has a nightmare about Lily and Sonny's unborn child. She then confides to Jax the truth behind Lily's death.

Ned discovers that Tracy and Jax are in cahoots to take over ELQ. Brenda overhears Jax plotting and shares her information with Ned and Lois. After discovering some crucial information about Jenny (Ned's ex-wife) and Tracy, Lois gets Tracy's confession on tape. However, she experiences some severe false labor pains and is rushed to the ER. Sonny and Brenda learn of this and arrive at the hospital - separately. Sonny later warns Brenda that Jax's actions are causing Lois stress.

Lois decides to get away from Port Charles - and the Quartermaines - for the sake of her unborn child. Sonny blames Jax for Lois' departure as does Ned.

Brenda and Jax make plans to renew their vows among family and friends. Brenda asks Ned to give her away as well as to get Sonny off the ELQ board. She believes that Ned will help Jax. Meanwhile, Sonny takes Lily's portrait off the wall and vows to bring Jax down.

Ned tries to buy both Jax and Sonny shares of ELQ, but they decline his offer. He then forces them to work together to present an unified image to the press. Later, Ned encourages Sonny to dig up dirt on Jax. Sonny questions Mac, but he keeps mum. Jax becomes edgy after learning of Sonny and Mac's meeting. Sonny keeps after Mac who still refuses to talk. Mac later advises Jax to tell Brenda the truth. Jax is about to tell Brenda everything when his parents arrive from Alaska. Jax's father insists that Jax not say anything and later warns Sonny to drop the investigation. Sonny ignores Mr. Jacks and as a result is attacked outside Luke's. However, he and Jason deflect the assailiant.

The next day, Brenda overhears Ned and Sonny plotting against Jax. She is upset at Sonny for going behind her back. Sonny gets a tip regarding Jax's past and Ned lends him the use of the ELQ jet. Sonny flies to Australia where he meets a man named McBride who divulges the Jack's secrets. Sonny then heads to the Philippines where he meets a mysterious woman.

Back in Port Charles, Brenda is ready to walk down the aisle at her second wedding to Jax, when Sonny arrives with the mysterious woman - Mrs. Jasper Jacks. After seeing Jax for the first time in six years, the surprised stranger flees. Jax goes after her and comes to the realization that she is his not so dead wife, Miranda. A humilated and devastated Brenda watches as Jax takes Miranda in his arms and lashes out at Sonny for ruining her wedding.

When Jax confronts his father about his lies, John Jacks suffers a heart attack. Brenda keeps vigil at GH along with Jax, but refuses to hear his explanation. Sonny goes to GH to see Brenda, but both Mac and Mike advise him to stay away. Later, Brenda goes home to change and Sonny shows up at her door. He explains to Brenda that John Jacks is part of the Australian mob. Brenda tells Sonny that he isn't responsible for her any longer and that she will never forgive him for ruining her wedding.

An angry Jax goes to see Sonny and Sonny gleefully informs Jax that his father's business is corrupt. Jax is devastated when Mac confirms Sonny's claims and is even more shocked when he realizes that Miranda is staying at Mac's house. Jax echoes Mac's sentiments and asks Miranda to stay in town. Brenda who is hiding in the bushes overhears. Brenda also discovers that during their marriage, Jax wrote love letters to Miranda which she still carries with her.

Later, Brenda grills Sonny on everything he knows about Miranda. She then decides to read the love letters for herself and tricks Mac into letting her access Robin's room - where Miranda is staying. Brenda is devastated upon reading the contents of the love letters. Miranda returns and catches Brenda in the act.

Miranda reams into Brenda for violating her privacy. Brenda gives as good as she gets. The fight is halted when Mac arrives. Brenda goes to the docks to think things through and runs into Sonny. He thinks she's there to discuss Stone and the anniversary of his death. She tells Sonny about Miranda and the love letters, but Jax interrupts before Sonny can reply. He orders Sonny to leave. Sonny is angry with Brenda for forgetting Stone and storms off. Jax then blasts Brenda for hurting Miranda. At Luke's Club, Sonny along with Mike, Gina, and Jason toast to Stone. Sonny remembers Stone's premonition that he and Brenda will reunite.

The next day, Miranda pays Sonny a visit and questions him about Brenda. Later, she has dinner with Jax while Brenda seeks solace from Sonny. Brenda asks Sonny to find out if there was a death certificate for Miranda. After some playful teasing and some ICE, Sonny puts Jason on the case.

Brenda goes to The Grill at the PC Hotel and overhears Jax asking Miranda if she wants to continue where they left off. Miranda tells Jax to go home to Brenda and makes plans to leave Port Charles and head to Australia. Brenda advises Jax to go after Miranda because they all need closure. Jax agrees.

While getting ready for Laura Spencer's "funeral," Sonny receives a call from GH informing him that Brenda has been in an accident and is asking for him. Sonny rushes to the hospital where he is led by a nurse to the room Brenda is supposedly in. A mystery man attacks Sonny from behind and gives him a drug that renders him unconscious. Then Sonny is wheeled out of the hospital in a gurney with his body guard, Joseph, being none the wiser. Sonny is taken to his Penthouse where is injected with heroin and left for dead.

Back at Laura's funeral, Brenda worries when Sonny doesn't show up. She questions Mike as to Sonny's whereabouts, but Mike is also clueless. Plagued with flashbacks of her and Sonny (when he was shot and she nursed him back to health, the various times they made love), as well as an unshakeable feeling that Sonny is in trouble and needs her, Brenda goes around town searching for him. She finally finds him at his Penthouse, unconscious. Brenda calls 911 and manages to revive him and keep him conscious until the paramedics arrive. She begs him not to die on her and Sonny confides that he was set up. Brenda hides the needle and drugs under the couch and assures Sonny she believes him.

The paramedics arrive soon thereafter and Brenda refuses to leave Sonny's side. When Sonny is wheeled into GH, Brenda tells Sonny that she's there for him and that she won't leave. Sonny confesses his deepest feelings: "Brenda, I love you." A shaken Brenda watches through the ER windows as the doctors work on Sonny and remembers their love by flashing back to the times she was in Sonny's arms - the times he held her, kissed her, and made love with her.

While the doctors work to save Sonny, Brenda keeps vigil. She knows that Sonny did not inject the drugs himself, so she fears for his life, even at the hospital. She promises she will stay with him.

When Sonny awakens, Brenda is by his side. Sonny asks her how she knew he was in trouble and Brenda tells him she had a "weird feeling in her gut." The same feeling she had in Puerto Rico. "I just knew you were in trouble," she tells him. Both Sonny and Brenda realize how much they still mean to each other. Brenda tells Sonny she wants to work with him to discover who did this to him.

As Sonny is checking out of the hospital, he receives a call from a woman who says she has information for him about the injection. As they are talking, the phone goes dead. Sonny fears this woman could be in trouble.

After being released from the hospital, Sonny visits Jax and Brenda's hotel to report to Brenda on Marilyn Cooper, the woman who phoned Sonny in the hospital. He warns Brenda to "stay out" of the investigation, fearing it is very dangerous. Sonny and Jax argue. Back at Lukes, Sonny phones Brenda again and warns her not to get involved. Brenda promises, then immediately leaves for the office where Marilyn Cooper worked, and finds out that Ms. Cooper was involved with someone at the hospital.

Meanwhile, a new detective in town, Taggert, makes things difficult for Sonny. He seems to have a personal vendetta against Sonny. He often stops by Lukes and harasses Sonny.

Brenda goes to Marilyn Cooper's apartment and finds Sonny already there. Sonny is upset that Brenda is still involved with the investigation and they briefly argue. While they are looking around the apartment for some clues to Ms. Cooper's disappearance, someone breaks in and Sonny and Brenda hide in the closet. Sonny has an anxiety attack in the closet. After the men who broke in leave, Sonny tells Brenda that Deke, his step-father, used to beat him in the closet and he was not allowed to defend himself. He again tells Brenda that her part of the investigation is over. Brenda says, "Nothing's over," and leaves.

Brenda and Jax have a heart-to-heart discussion, and Brenda realizes she needs to recommit to her marriage. She finds Sonny at Lukes, and tells him she cannot be with him. The reason she started helping him with the investigation, she says, was to make Jax jealous. She tells Sonny she is "falling" but she can't do it again. Sonny tells her he knows she is afraid that he will hurt her again, but that he won't. He knows she still cares.

Brenda has made a choice, and it is Jax, she says. Sonny understands that Jax makes Brenda feel safe, but that she can't build a life on that. Sonny tells her that he loves her and he knows she loves him. Brenda says it doesn't matter what her feelings are for Sonny, because she is with Jax now. She asks Sonny to "let her go." Sonny thinks she is lying to herself, and tells her that when she wants the truth, he'll be around.

He then goes to Lily's grave and bury's his wedding ring. He talks to Lily's grave and says he loves Brenda but cannot fight for her wearing Lily's ring. He tells "Lily" he learned unselfish love from her and now wants to try to love like that. After he leaves, a mystery man digs up the wedding ring.

Brenda starts to receive strange gifts of flowers, candy and perfume. She confronts Sonny at Lukes, because she first believes it to be him. When he informs her that it's not, she believes him. At Lukes, Sonny and Robin have conspired to surprise Jason with Robin's appearance. Brenda joins the celebration. She notices that Sonny is no longer wearing his wedding ring, and is unsettled. She drops her drink, and then leaves. Sonny is concerned about the strange gifts Brenda is receiving, and orders his men to watch Brenda, to keep her safe.

Jax, with the arrival of Miranda, has made his own decision, and it is that he wants Brenda. He starts divorce proceedings with Miranda. He and Miranda drive to Buffalo to sign papers starting the divorce. While they are gone, Sonny goes to Brenda's hotel because the power is out and he is worried. He convinces her that he should stay overnight to watch over her. Jax comes home the next day and discovers Sonny in his home, and Brenda comes to Sonny's defense.

Taggert pulls Sonny and Tom Hardy into the police station for "questioning" about the drugs coming into Port Charles and locks him up overnight with Tom. Brenda hears that Sonny is locked up, and fearing that he will become claustrophobic, attempts to get his release from jail. Mac shows up and releases Sonny. Brenda and Sonny walk in the park and stop to talk. They are unaware that they are being photographed by Brenda's stalker, Harry Silver, who was Sonny's former right-hand man.

Mike talks to Sonny and tries to convince Sonny he should tell Brenda how much he loves her and wants her back. Sonny goes to the Brenda's hotel and pulls her into his limousine. They talk about the past and the mistakes they made. Sonny asks Brenda if she still cares for him and kisses her, but Brenda pulls away. She tells Sonny she doesn't love him. As she leaves, Sonny realizes she is lying.

When Brenda returns to her hotel room, she notices an envelope left under the door. Screaming, she realizes it is Lily's face superimposed on a modeling advertisement of her. She is alone in her apartment when the phone goes dead. She opens the door when she hears Harry Silver's voice, not knowing that he no longer works for Sonny. He starts to talk and she gradually realizes that he is crazy and he is her stalker.

Harry calls Sonny and tells him he has Brenda. He tells Sonny to come alone to the catacombs. When Sonny arrives, Harry tells him that Sonny and Brenda will die in the catacombs as revenge for Lily's death.

While in the catacombs, Harry gets a call from his partner and Sonny realizes Harry is the one bringing drugs into Port Charles and that he was the one that set him up for the drug overdose. Harry tells Sonny that Brenda is hooked on drugs.

Sonny makes a move on Harry and they wrestle for Harry's gun. It goes off, killing Harry. As he dies, he sets off an explosion that traps Brenda and Sonny in the catacombs.

Brenda and Sonny realize that there is no escape. Thinking they are spending their last moments together, they struggle with their own personal demons, Brenda with drug withdrawal and Sonny with his claustrophobia. Their air is limited. Sonny thinks that if they go to sleep, they won't wake up. They talk openly and honestly about their feelings for each other. Brenda admits she lied to Sonny and that she still loves him. They make love for the first time since they broke up. Brenda says she is not sorry that they met. Sonny kisses Brenda and tells her to "go to sleep."

Meanwhile, Jason, Jax, Miranda and Mac have been looking for Sonny and Brenda, and Jason leads them to the catacombs. Jason and Jax help to rescue Sonny and Brenda, and Sonny overcomes his claustrophobia to help save Brenda. As the catacombs completely collapse, Jax pulls Sonny to safety.

After the rescue, Brenda realizes that it is important for her to overcome her addiction. She understands that she has used relationships with men to keep her from understanding herself and her own needs. She knows she needs to come to terms with herself. She tells Jax that she must move out of the hotel and he understands.

Brenda has confided in Robin and when Sonny shows up at Brenda's hotel to check on her, Robins leaves with him. Robin asks Sonny to give Brenda some time and space to overcome her addiction. Sonny is angry at first, then realizes he must do as Robin suggests, to help Brenda.

Brenda also goes to Sonny to explain she needs time to sort things out, and asks him to give it to her. Sonny doesn't understand, but tells her he will do what she wants. Brenda writes him a letter explaining that while she loves him, he cannot help her "get better." She must do this on her own.

As Brenda overcomes her addiction and grows stronger, the question is, who will she pick to be the man in her life? Her first love, Sonny, or her fiancee, Jax?