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Sonny and Brenda Online
General Hospital's Sonny and Brenda have captured the attention of viewers everywhere. This page is dedicated to everyone who BELIEVES that love will keep our favorite Supercouple together, now and forever.

Sonny and Brenda Online will continue despite the pathetic turn that certain individuals in charge of GH decided to take with their storyline. I'll do my best to keep everyone updated on Maurice's projects as well as continue the sections that contain memories of S&B. While I do not plan to watch GH on a regular basis, I will continue the MBHP scoops page for those who still do. This page is still dedicated to S&B and everyone who believes in them, in other words the S&Believers. While S&B's future is unknown, this page and the S&Believers will definately continue.

New! What's New New!

What Makes Sonny Tick?

S&Believers Information

S&Believers and SCMB Statement of Purpose

How To Join S&Believers and SCMB

S&Believers and SCMB Keeper Titles

S&Believers Directory Form

S&Believers Directory

Maurice Benard Lovers United Mailing List

SBelievers Around the World



Action Center

Sonny and Brenda Petition

Where To Write

Their Past

The History of Sonny and Brenda written by Andrea and Sheniz

Sonny and Brenda Quotes written by Toni

Transcript of S&B's scenes on March 7, 1997

Transcript of the Reunion

Transcript page coming soon.


The Official Sonny and Brenda Handbook

101 Reasons why Jax and Brenda are NOT a Supercouple

Test your Sonny and Brenda knowledge...

Take the S&B Quiz

Message Boards

Sonny and Brenda Message Board NEW FORMAT/PROCESS

The Sonny Corinthos Message Exchange

Your Opinion

Weekly GH Poll and the Sonny and Brenda Question of the Week

New GH poll coming within a week.

Speak Your Mind

Chat Rooms

The Sonny and Brenda Java Chatroom

IRC Chat Room

Let me know you were here

Sign the S&B Online Guestbook

Java games and interaction at...

The General Hospital Entertainment Center

Sonny and Brenda Newsletter

The S&B Newsletter will return next week with 2 weeks worth of updates...for scoops come to the MBHP Scoops page.

Daily Updates

Daily Updates from TV Guide Online

In the News

S&B Articles



Server accesses to SBO

Music of Sonny and Brenda

Sonny and Brenda Music Box

Jukebox: Midi's for other songs that don't fit S&B's theme that can be fun to listen to: Coming soon

Photo Gelleries

Sonny and Brenda

Maurice Benard Photo Gallery

Fan Fiction

Sonny and Brenda Fantasy Storylines

Just For Fun

Top Ten Lists

Humorous links...coming soon!

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My General Hospital page

My Port Charles Page

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Maurice Benard Homepage

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GH & PC Fan Clubs

Other S&B/GH related Fan Clubs

Sonny and Brenda videos

S&B Tapes

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