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Sonny and Brenda's Reunion
May 27, 1997

(Sonny and Brenda on the docks.)
Brenda: Jax knows everything.
Sonny: Don't tell me - Miranda.
Brenda: Miranda read the letter that I wrote to you.
Sonny: You know I should have dumped that woman out of a plane when I had the chance.
Brenda: Yeah I'm a little blown away that he's known this the whole time and he never told me anything about it. He's a really good person; he cares about me a lot.
Sonny: But you're here.
Brenda: I'm here.
Sonny: Joseph, can you give me some privacy for a sec?
Brenda: Should you be out here alone right now?
Sonny: No.
Brenda: We could go somewhere else.
Sonny: No, this is my life Brenda - I pay him to follow me so other people won't kill me. You standing there could put you in the line of fire. If that scares you, which it should, maybe you want to reconsider because this is the way it's always gonna be.
Brenda: Why are you telling me all this right now?
Sonny: Full disclosure - no more lies between us. That way you wont get blindsided.
You asked me if I was a mobster...
the answer's yes.
Brenda: Do you know why I came here?
Sonny: I don't have to know - I can see it in your eyes. Whatever you were holding on to before is gone - you're free.
Brenda: Do you think that means I want you?
Sonny: Don't you?
Brenda: I kinda wanted to say it for myself.
Sonny: I want you to be sure of you and me - of the life we're gonna have. Tonights the night we make it work or we walk away forever.
Brenda: Wait a, now you're talking about us walking away? You've been coming after me forever, even when you were trying to stay away from me, I could still feel you wanting me. So, do you want to explain to me what's changed since the last time you said we belong together?
Sonny: Nothing. That's-- That's the point. I---I wanted you so much that I conveniently forgot the fundamental problem between us. It's not, It's not Jax, or you wanting to find yourself. It's you want to know things that I can't tell you. My first solution was, to lie. But I told the truth this afternoon, and neither worked. So, what we're left with is, you can't know anything about my business. Either you except that, or you don't, it's up to you.
Brenda: (tears in her eyes) But you don't think I would betray you.
Sonny: Not intentionally,, aren't what matters here, only results.
Brenda: Okay....Sonny, when you lied to me, for all that time, about what you do, it scared me, because you broke our trust...and then I wore the wire, but I want you to know I never would have told the police anything, and that's the truth. Can we find a way to let all this go finally?
Sonny: (kisses her on forehead) I almost hit you. (she nods) You think I can forget that? You grabbed me, I felt my fist clench, I'd try to walk away, you would come at me? Huh? (she nods again) I had your face in my hand, you were screaming and crying, and for a second, I didn't know the difference between you and my mother or me and Deke.
Brenda: Sonny, the difference is, you DIDN'T hit me. And I know, that you would never hit me. We both screwed up that night, but look at us!! See how we always find our way back to each other?? Because we really love each other. Listen....oh god...I don't care about the details of your business...and anything that you can't tell me, I will try and understand. Because all I want is to be with you.
Sonny: But what about the.....better, stronger Brenda?
Brenda: I am the better stronger Brenda. Do you know I used to think I couldn't live without you? Now I know that I can, I just don't want to. (she laughs). Uh...see this means that you could leave me right now, you could walk out of here, leave me standing in the rain, and I wouldn't need anyone to rescue me, because I know that I would be okay on my own. But I'd miss you forever.
(Sonny nods)
[End of scene 1]

Sonny: I'm not leaving. I'm just making sure....because somewhere along the line, things got all got to be about lies and truth and trust and other people. Which is important, but it's not as important as you and me. From that day in that car dealership until now, nothing, and I mean nothing, has been stronger than us. I couldn't fight it then, I can't fight it now. The difference is, I love you, and I just want you to know what you're getting.
Brenda: I'm getting, the only thing I've ever wanted. I love you, too. You know when you told me that wasting time was like laughing in god's face? you were right. I don't want to waste anymore time. And you know, you said, that the next time you kissed me, it'd be because I came to you. Here I am.
(They kiss....for a long while)
[End scene 2]

(Still kissing ^G^)
Brenda: Is this real??
Sonny: It better be.
Brenda: You know I really never thought this was going to happen. I actually convinced myself that I didn't want it to happen.
Sonny: What changed?
Brenda: Me. I got stronger, I grew up maybe. You know, I know you don't want to hear this, but Jax had something to do with it.
Sonny:'re right, I don't want to hear it.
Brenda: I know you don't want to, but it's just this one little thing I want to tell you. (She leans forward and touches his chest, they sit down on the bench) See, Jax made me realize that the reason why I was suffering wasn't because I couldn't tell him about you and I making love in the cave but because I couldn't tell him I still love you. And now that I have---you're right----I do feel free. I love you.
Sonny: (playing with Brenda's hair) I already told you that.
Brenda: Yeah, you did.
Sonny: Then why do you have to give Jax all the credit?
Brenda: (sarcastically, smartly, yet ever-so sweetly) Oh, Honey, I'm sorry, did you want some credit?? Cause you know, (moving closer, putting his arms around her, lifting her leg over one of his) I'll give you all the credit you want. (even closer) I'll give you anything you want.
(They kiss)
Sonny: (pulling away, Brenda looking at him longingly) you know what?
Brenda: (softly) what?
Sonny: I gotta----I've had a lot of things happen to me Brenda, good, bad, whatever...
Brenda: yeah.....
Sonny: But this has gotta be the best.
Brenda: What are you trying to say??
(He laughs, she laughs in response)
Sonny: Alright. I'm happy.
Brenda: Yeah....
Sonny: As happy happy, and uh....(gives her a quick kiss), I'm in love with you. And I don't ever want to lose you.
Brenda: You never will.
(They kiss yet again)
[End final scene]