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General Outline

I. Greeting from the editor.*

II. Sonny and Brenda update

  • Summary of their scenes together this week.***
  • Summary of Brenda's scenes (no Sonny).***
  • Summary of Sonny's scenes (no Brenda).***
  • Momment of the week.***
  • Line of the week.***

    III. S&B Memories

  • Transcript of a favorite scene.**
  • A memorable line.**

    IV. Scoops for the upcoming week.

  • General scoops from magazines.**
  • Detailed article if about S&B or Vanessa/Maurice/Brenda/Sonny.**

    V. Reminder to e-mail TPTB with positive S&B e-mail.

  • Campaign ideas that are NOT confidencial only to S&Believers.*
  • Reminder that positive e-mail about the actors to SOD is what the SOD awards nominees are based on.*
  • Reminder to use the S&Believers tag line if a member in e-mails to TPTB.*

    VI. Reminder to VOTE.*

  • S&B Online weekly poll.
  • AOL Polls.
  • PCO Polls.
  • Magazine polls will be kept to e-mails.

    VII. Posting on message boards.

  • Reminder that it is important to post positive S&B messages.*
  • Reminder to sign with the S&Believers tagline if a member.*
  • If you have AOL or another online service that has soap boards, be sure to post there with pro-S&B messages as well.*

    VIII. Update on the registrations.

  • The total number registered.*
  • The date that I am on.*
  • The total amount of registrations still in the box.*

    IX. Sonny and Brenda Song

  • A song from the S&B song page (or not on it considering I have a few dozen to put up ^G^) that relates to S&B.**

    X. Sonny and Brenda Stories.

  • Link to the page.*
  • Link to the message board.*
  • Page update.*
  • Ideas for new stories.**
  • Contests (if any).***
  • Info on submitting.*

    XI. IMHO- S&B this week.

  • Any S&Believer would be chosen (upon request) to give a paragraph or two summary of their thoughts on S&B that week...whether they think that it was romantic, if there was a S&B drought that week or if they feel that the scenes weren't written well, etc.*

    XII. Info on joining S&Believers/SCMB

  • Wendy's address.*

    XIII. Closing note.*

    XIV. "If you have something that you would like to see in this newsletter or would like to help out or be an updater or would like to give your thoughts for the week..."-type message.

    XV. List of people that made the newsletter possible (ie. The person's name, e-mail and what they did/do for the newsletter.)


    * = I will definately do this on my own.
    ** = I could do this own my own, but it would be nice to have someone else do it.
    *** = I need someone else to do this.
    **** = I really need someone else to do this.

    Some sections will be basically the same in every issue, like the reminders, but others, like the updates and scoops, will need to be changed weekly.

    OTHER POSITIONS: Spellchecker, grammarchecker, someone to e-mail me if they find more GH boards (I'm going to make a list to link to here under the board section), if you find more polls (same as for the boards), etc.