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To The Writers and Producers of General Hospital:

As members the S&Believers, an on-line society dedicated to promoting, supporting, and encouraging a union between our favorite General Hospital duo, Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett, we thank you with everything in us for restoring our faith and for reuniting Sonny and Brenda.

It was a long and hard battle over these twenty-two months, but after watching the pure joy and love on Sonny and Brenda's faces on May 27, 1997, we can honestly say it was worth it.

Our thanks also goes beyond just the reunion. We are extremely grateful to the GH team for perserving the integrity of the Sonny and Brenda love story. There were many times, we were quite frustrated with the writing and storyline direction, but we have come to understand that it was all necessary for combatting the many arguments against a Sonny and Brenda pairing. Sonny and Brenda HAVE grown since they first fell in love and in the course of their journey, they have reached new growth in friendship, in trust, in their individuality and most importantly in how to love and be loved.

However, in spite of our profound joy and thanks over these latest developments, we can't help but be worried and cautious as to what is in store for our favorite twosome. We fully understand daytime's need to provide obstacles so the love of a couple strengthens and we fully acknowledge the actors' needs to be challenged with an emotional storyline. We hope that you will fulfill those expectations, but continue to stay true to the characters of Sonny and Brenda as you do so.

We are prepared to support Sonny and Brenda as they begin this new chapter in their lives and we hope that whatever is in store for them that they are able to face it together and as a result grow both as individuals and as a couple.

Now, that Sonny and Brenda have pledged their love for one another and have recommitted to each other, we as their fans will not in any way, shape or form, be prepared to accept them apart or with other love interests. In our eyes, their reunion is a permanent reunion and the only future we are prepared to envision is a future that Sonny and Brenda will experience and share together.

We ask that you please forgive our skepticism. Furthermore, we hope that you do accept our profound and heartfelt THANK YOU for reuniting Sonny and Brenda. You have indeed given us all back a part of ourselves and we truly do thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

Respectfully yours,
The S&Believers

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