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Sonny and Brenda Newsletter

Greeting from the editor

Hello! Welcome to the first ever edition of the Sonny and Brenda Newsletter from Sonny and Brenda Online. Not all sections are available since this is new and also, I need help! If you want to help, respond to the e-mail link under the incomplete sections and if you have any other ideas, e-mail me at the address on this page as well.

-Heather Conzett

Sonny and Brenda Update

This week after Dorman's murder, Brenda sees Sonny putting something in his pockets, but when asked, he didn't reveal what. Is it a ring or something related to the murder? Sonny goes to the police station to help Jason after he is brought in for questioning after being found in the morgue where Dorman was murdered. Sonny and Brenda plan to meet at a restaurant and while Brenda is waiting, Jax shows up. Sonny arrives soon after with the line "You beat me. This is a first."

A day or so later, they meet in Brenda's hotel room. Brenda has a gift for Sonny...a framed photo that she took of the farmhouse & the field. They lie on the bed and imagine building their dream house. Brenda wants it to be "Wood brown with a huge, cushiony bedroom with a huge window on one wall." She eventually gets Sonny to play along. Then they are interrupted by Jason, who has news about Jax.

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Momment of the week.
Brenda gives Sonny a framed picture of the field that she took herself as a gift to him.

Line of the week.
If you have a line that S&B (together or separtely) exchanged this week, e-mail with the subject "S&B Line of the week" and the line(s) that you want to submit. Please include the week that this line occurred.

S&B Memories

This section is dedicated to Sonny and Brenda's past with a transcript of a scene and a memorable line.

The Plane to Washington, D.C.: June 10, 1994
Sonny and Brenda jet first class to DC. As they chat, subtitles reveal what they are really thinking which is that they want each other:

S: "You wanna trade seats?" (That perfume drives me wild!)
B: "No thanks, I'm fine." (I can't stop picturing him nakes...)
S: "Maybe another glass [of wine] is not such a bad idea." (I wonder if she's ever done it at 20,000 feet.)
B: "No, you were right. We shouldn't." (He never used to be able to resist me.) She leans over...
S: "So you're reading up on the music business?" (How long can I keep this up?)
B: "You know...I really want to learn everything there is to know." (I should have jumped his bones when I had the chance.)
S: "Well, it's important to have something to offer the corporation." (Resist, man. Let her think you can wait forever.)
B: "Right. Like what kind of skills?" (Give me a chance and I'll show you skills!)
S: "Something that shows your natural abilities, your physical presence. I can just picture you convincing the program director to play our records." (You can talk me into anything.)
B: "Ah, right. Like promotions...I can do that." (I know he wants me too.)
S: "I'm convinced you have great potential." (Why, why, am I letting her get to me?!)
B: "That's a really nice thing for you to say." (If I've messed it up with him I'll die.)
S: "I mean it." (I can't breathe!)
B: "Thank you." (Shut up and kiss me.)
S: "You're welcome." (Shut up and kiss me.) "You know it's good that we understand each other like this, you know...if we're gonna be doing business together."
B: "Absolutely, I agree."

S&B Quote
"Why settle for a spark when you could set the whole world on fire?"


Bobbie's detective work leaves Stefan suspicious. Carly tells Tony she may make a move. Taggert puts the spotlight on Sonny. Audrey regains consciousness. Jax finds out an interesting detail about Mac. Monica tells Alan part of the truth. Ned and Alexis share a first. Lucky makes a new friend. Nikolas helps Katherine to see what is really important. Brenda puts herself on the line for Sonny. Taggert targets the Quartermaines. Alan performs at the Nurses' Ball. Tony says he wants to work things out, but Carly worries that his intentions aren't genuine. Sonny keeps his past in mind while making plans for his future. Stefan gives Monica additional power.

Red letter Days

Monday, June 16: Lucky charms Sarah Webber. Carly learns that she's pregnant.
Tuesday, June 17: Brenda tampers with evidence to protect Sonny.
Wednesday, June 18: Katherine takes an important step forward.
Friday, June 20: Alan performs as the Nurses' Ball gets underway.

Next Week

The Nurses' Ball continues. Tony makes a decision about Carly. Luke and Bobbie find a hidden box at Wyndemere. Brenda and Sonny share romance and hopes for the future. Carly worries about her baby's paternity.

Deadly Games on GH
Despite nearly getting nailed while breaking into Stefan's (Stephen Nichols) computer on General Hospital, the secretly reunited Spencer siblings Bobbie and Luke are pursuing their scheme to undermine the cassadines.

"It's almost like Stefan has ESP," remarks Jacklyn Zeman in character as Bobbie. "He doesn't know it's me, but he smells it." Although Stefan found nothing but his laptom upon bursting into GH's library, the seeds of suspicion were sown. This week, those seeds take root.

"We're tiptoeing around each other at this point," remarks Zeman. "We're being polite and I'm trying to keep the sexual bond there, because it's the only control I have in the situation."

That control is essential, as Bobbie and Luke struggle to hide their secret meetings from Stefan. "Luke and Bobbie are bretending to still be fighting," Zeman explains. "But Stefan senses smoething."

The Spencers have another problem. "Stefan changes the password on his computer," recounts Zeman. "Luke and I thought we were in, but not anymore." Back at square one, Bobbie and Luke are taking extra care to stay a step ahead of Stefan. After all, as Stefan once told Nikolas: "Cassadine marriages don't end in divorce."

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    Sonny and Brenda Song

    "All I Ask Of You" from the Phantom of the Opera.

    No more talk
    of darkness,
    Forget these
    wide-eyed fears.
    I'm here,
    nothing can harm you -
    my words will
    warm and calm you.

    Let me be
    your freedom,
    let daylight
    dry -your tears.
    I'm here,
    with you, beside you,
    to guard you
    and to guide you . . .

    Say you love me
    waking moment,
    turn my head
    with talk of summertime . . .

    Say you need me
    with you,
    now and always . . .
    promise me that all
    you say is true -
    that's all I ask
    of you . . .

    Let me be
    your shelter,
    let me
    be your light.
    You're safe:
    No-one will find you
    your fears are
    far behind you . . .

    All I want
    is freedom,
    a world with
    no more night . . .
    and you
    always beside me
    to hold me
    and to hide me . . .

    Then say you'll share with
    me one
    love, one lifetime . . .
    Iet me lead you
    from your solitude . . .

    Say you need me
    with you
    here, beside you . . .
    anywhere you go,
    let me go too -
    that's all I ask
    of you . . .

    Say you'll share with
    me one
    love, one lifetime . . .
    say the word
    and I will follow you . . .

    Share each day with
    me, each
    night, each morning . . .

    Say you love me . . .

    You know I do . . .

    Love me -
    that's all I ask
    of you . . .

    (They kiss)

    Anywhere you go
    let me go too . . .
    Love me -
    that's all I ask
    of you . .

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