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Statement of Purpose for S&Believers and SCMB

The S&Believers are an organization of individuals dedicated to facilitating the reunion of one of the greatest daytime couples ever, Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett.

The Sonny Corinthos Mobster Babes (SCMB) are comprised of people who love Sonny Corinthos and the actor that portrays him, Maurice Benard.

As S&Believers, we fearlessly defend our beloved couple. As Mobster Babes, we'll watch over, protect and defend Sonny against all detractors. Because Sonny is in charge of a *kinder, gentler mob*, our weapons of defense will be our faith in our couple, our wit, wisdom, and humor.

As members of the *organization*, we will follow Sonny's directive and show mutual respect to all our fellow Message Board posters. But, if our beloved couple or favorite mobster are ever unfairly or unreasonably attacked, S&Believers and Mobster Babes will willingly pull out the BIG GUNS, passion and emotion, in defense.

Copyright (c) 1996 Andrea Dyar