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Speak Your Mind
August 13, 1997

TOPIC: Sonny and Brenda are on the run! What are your feelings about this? Does what you've been seeing make you anticipate the GH hour to see S&B on the run or not? Is it exciting or boring? Is it a recycled plotline or a refreshing blast from GH's past (Luke and Laura days)? Do you think that Sonny/Maurice's last weeks on the show (unless he returns) are being well spent?

I think Brenda and Sonny being on the run is messing up the whole reunion thing! I wish someone would just lie and fess up to the murder! Then, Sonny and Brenda can spend the days being together and everything, not being on the run! In a way, I think I kinda do anticpate seeing the hour of Brenda and Sonny being on thr run, because they're together like they should be! Even though I don't like that they're on the run, I think it is kiinda exciting! I really don't know if it is kinda doing the Luke and Laura thing because I didn't watchin, then! I guess I do think Maurice's last weeks, unless he does return, are kinda being well spent! I would rather them be spent on Sonny and Brenda being together in the PH and not having to worry about any of the Doorman crap! I hope he does return, I think that the weeks would be much better spent if the Doorman thing was out of the way! -Amanda aka ILoveSonny

I love the on the run story. I just wish there was a lot more romance on the run. I hope that when they decide to go back to PC they get some quality time together before Maurice departs. Dez

I think, and of course this is just my personal opinion, that GH is doing well with the S&B Storyline, but they are also doing poorly. You know? I like the fact that Sonny and Brenda are on the run, but I think that it would have been more exciting and effective if they would have actually gone location to Florida (or even stayed somewhere in CA), but they didn't anf the sets weren't exactly believable enough. I know that they can only do so much, but if they really wanted to make the storyline more believable and exciting- they would've gone outside! But I like the fact that Sonny and Brenda are on the run, and that they couldn't communicate with anyone. Because, honestly, you couldn't talk to very many people if you were on the run. Scrambelers are hard to come by. I also like that Sonny just didn't use his money to take care of the problems. That would've been lame. But something that I think is really lame is the whole jungle/panther/leach thing. Excuse me? I've been to Florida- even lived there- more times that I can remember. I've been all over. Where in Florida are there jungles!?!? Panthers?? Come on. And what are the chances of a man beating a panther with his bare hands? All that just seemed ridiculous to me. No reality to that whatsoever. But other than that- them being on the run is pretty good. At least there's no Jax for Brenda to get distracted with!! About the whole Maurice Benard leaving thing- I can't really say weather or not I like what they're doing. I think that if they are going to make Sonny up and leave Brenda- they are turning Sonny into a complete hipocite and farse. Sonny hates people who leave- that comes from his childhood. And he just proposed to Brenda- why would he up and lave her? He wouldn't. He would never purposely hurt her like that, and that will kill her. Why woould he do that? That's wrong and he would never do it. They should've had him captured or something. He wouldn't leave Brenda, even if he knew that that was right. That's not Sonny, and he wouldn't do it ecspecially after all he's gone through to be with her. Sarah S

I personally HATE this on the run storyline. I mean, they were just reunited, I was happier than I've ever been in my life, and then we're stuck with this "Who Killed Dorkman" storyline that NO one cares about and our beloved Sonny and Brenda are away from Port Charles. I wanted Sonny's last days (for now) to be filled with his friends and family, flashbacks, and friendships. Instead they'll be spent chained to a tiger w/ JAX saving him. I HATE Jax, and am very disappointed he has to save my Sonny (LOL). No matter what I will always anticipate GH if Sonny and Brenda are on, I don't care if they're having a staring contest or on the run. I can't honestly say it makes me anticipate MORE because after his good-bye with Luke I've been dreading anymore farewells (I think I'm running out of tears). Hmmmm.... It really isn't that exciting because a) I read scoops and I know what's going to happen and b) there hasn't been a lot of suspense lately. Once this tiger thing happens, I'll be more excited. I never watched Luke and Laura, but from what I've read in the GH Scrapbook it was a lot of fun, so I'd have to say a blast from the past (not that I want them on the run, but I take what I can get). As I said before, his last weeks are NOT being well spent if he doesn't return to PC. I'm not sure how long that will take but we don't have forever! Kristina

Sonny and Brenda could be staring at each other for a whole hour and it would still be tons more interesting than whatever else is on. They are the only reason I'm watching at all anymore. I don't like the S&B on the run. It's not my ideal situation but I will take what I can get. I do find their talks very amusing. They both had me ROTFLMAO. They have got great chemistry even after two long years. It's like they never were apart. As for Maurice, I would really like to see him do some emotional stuff before he leaves, with and without Brenda. He's lookin' ansy like he's dying for some good stuff. But even when the writers fail, his facial expressions crack me up. He's a genius! Sandra Harris

I like this run on story. It is not the greatest but I do enjoy it. Only thing bothers me Brenda whines too much. I hated the blond wig but Sonny looked sexy.

I hoping the rumour is true that Sonny will come back and take Brenda back with him.

S/B are L/L of the 90's


To be completely honest, I don't think Brenda feels comfortable with this lifestyle at all. She looks so exhausted and so worn out from trying to get used to life on the run that she even asked Sonny if he didn't also feel that they should just both go back home. It is exciting in it's own way by being this adventure that the younger Brenda would have enjoyed, but I think that now that she has lived a little and has seen what it's like to live in peace without danger and excitement, she likes the peace a lot better. Catherine

I'm happy their together and I do see some of the old days of L&L. But considering there is a very strong possibity that MB will not be back. It is not being spent wisely. They should be working out all their hangs up building their house having babies I don't know. But this on the run stuff is not the way to go.

Why can't they have fun and be in love and enjoy each other and their friends. Some binding time with L&L

Sonny didn't even make up with Mike, there are so many lose ends. How can we really and truly be happy!!!!!!!!

They belong together and they should have a send off that puts them up there with L&L, Anna & Duke, Anna &Robert, Felica & Frisco and Jagger and Karen. Sharon Goodman

I think that if the GH writers were forced to write sonny out of the show they should have at least given him a big bang of an exiting storyline. Now I know why maurice is unhappy with the writing. I mean come on. Who wants to sonny, the hardcore mobster in a backwards cap. Hello! we would much rather have him stick to those dark suits. And brenda a blonde? and in pigtials? I don't think so. I do however enjoy those deeply concentrated looks that he keeps giving the camera while he is contemplating the next move against the tin man. Yikes I have chills. So I guess he is just such a good actor that he can even make a retarded scrip look GOOD. danae bauer

I love that Sonny and Brenda and back together. I'm not really happy that they are on the run. I want more romance like the old days, I hope sonny's last few weeks, are spending time with Brenda. Romance, Romance!!!! I want them to get Marride, Brenda and Sonny are soul mates! Danielle

I think that the on the run story is drab. It is only recently when the Tin Man revealed himself did I become interested in the story. I think that the writers should have spent the time that Maurice was on the show to give the fans what they really wanted, a wedding. They could have held the wedding on the farm that Sonny brought for Brenda. It seemed that they were heading that way before Dorman's murder. I wished they would have stayed on the same track. It is going to be sad if Sonny leaves and there is no closure to the relationship and we don't get to see the trueloves reunited under god. Yvonne Schlitt

It really ticks me off that Jerx has to interfere with everything and try to be a part of Brenda's life. I want him to let it go and go find Mirander! Jamie

It's very funny!I hate revira Delise Bento

I think that Sonny and Brenda's runaway is just the most exciting storyline that GH had to offer in a long time. I don't care if Sonny's last weeks on the show (or months,years whatever)is only with Brenda by his side , beside I'm sure he'll get to see Jason and Robin and Mike before he leaves.I can't wait to see if he proposes to Brenda and will be their future... Marie-J.B.

At first, I hated S&B on the run, but now I love it! I think (at first) I didn't like it because I thought that they would kill Sonny for his exit, but then I saw some scoops. Now that he proposes to Brenda on Friday I can't wait to see what happens. Will they get married and live happily ever after? I think so! I read on Port Charles Online Message Board that VM said at Tyler's play that J&B would not be getting back together; they will be friends. Sonny will fake his own death, and Brenda will know about it. She also said that Maurice will return to tape a few scenes right before Vanessa's contract expires so they can leave together. Can you say S&B wedding? I think so! Kate

Maurice and Vanessa are brilliant in whatever type of scene they are in. The on the run story is proof that Wendy Riche has created the next Luke and Laura. Maurice must return for Vanessa . He must be told by his fans how loved he is and how loved S & B are. I only pray Riche handles the exit with respec, dignity and grace. The S & B fans are the most devoted in daytime. TPTB must do right by us. Debbie Rafael