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Web Help

Links to pages that will assist you in building your own web site.

Free Web Pages

Geocities offers 2 megabytes (2 million bytes) and opportunities to earn 3 megabytes in their Community Leader program (extra work, though), 5 megabytes in their featured program or 10 megabytes in their GeoPlus program.

Tripod offers 2 megabytes (2 million bytes) and an opportunity to upgrade to their premium package with 10 megabytes for only $3 a month(S&B Online uses the premium package.)

Angelfire offers 35 kilobytes (35,000 bytes) and is good for making a simple text page without many graphics (however, they do allow you to use the graphics that they already have online.)

Check out Yahoo's list of free homepage providers for a larger list.

Or if you want a lot of space and are willing to pay...

Come to DataRealm (Serve) for 5 megabytes for $5. Allows CGI scripts.

Come to for a large, detailed list of low cost web space services.

Interaction on your web site

Inside the Web is offering free Message boards. The quality is not as good as the ones on S&B Online, however it is a good place to go if you want to have a message board on your page without having to pay for it.

For a free guestbook, come to Lpage.

Dreambook- Guestbooks from the makers of the Web Ring.

Free chat by BeSeen

Java chat from ChatPlanet

Coollist- free mailing list.

Web help pages

This is a list of pages that will assist you in making a terrific looking web page without a lot of hassle. I have utilized many of these links in making certain pages on S&B Online. These pages will be marked with a star (*).

The Web Designer (*)

Table Maker (*)

Color Maker

Frame Shop

The Banner Generator

The Web Ring (*)

Web Site Banner Advertising (*)

The Icon Depot (*)

Matt's Script Archive (*)

Ace of Space - Bordertown (*)

Image O rama

Texture Station (*)

Alacro's Java Land (*)

GIF Wizard

More to come
Last update: June 7, 1997