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SBelievers Around the World Project

Welcome to the S&Believers Around the World Project. The goal of this project is to list the locations of every S&Believer. This can be fun for all when and if you discover that a fellow S&Believer lives in the same state or town and it's a great way to make new friends.

Here is a description of what the S&Believers Around the World web page will look like: I'll find maps of the different countries where appropriate and states if possible and place them before the names. Under each state or country, I'll list the city, name and e-mail address of each person who fill out the form below. If you don't want to be listed, that's fine. If you do want to be listed, the only requirement is that you must be a S&Believer!

Fill out this form to be listed

(*) means that the field is required. If it's missing, you will not be listed!

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I'll try to place your listing as soon as possible.