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If one of the message board links brings up an error that says "Document Contains No Data", odds are good that the board has crashed. When this happens, e-mail me at and it will be back online soon after.

If you have a suggestion for a new board, e-mail me with the topic. I will consider all suggestions.

Java Games

3d Maze


Break Out

Connect the Dots

Black Jack

15 Squares

3D Netris

A Puzzle





Sonny and Brenda Java Chat

General Hospital Chat(uses frames)

IRC S&Believers Chat Info

Vanessa Marcil Chatroom

The General Hospital and Sonny and Brenda Chat Rooms are open all the time. If no one is there, put a message saying "I will be back at __:__ if you want to chat."

Or you may use these rooms to chat with new friends that have met on message boards. Simply arrange a meeting time with them and meet in one of the rooms.

New chat days and times for the IRC chat will be added soon


Sonny and Brenda Online polls page

GH Poll

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E-mail me at with any comments.

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