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Sonny and Brenda's History continued

After Brenda's birthday, Sonny, Luke and Lucy plot to rid Port Charles of Joe Skully and his influence. Lucy suspects that Joe is behind her recent problems with Deception's perfume. Luke has a plan to stop Joe, and he involves Mike Corbin. Sonny is upset and worried by this, because he does not trust his father to be there when the action gets rough.

One night, Joe convinces Lucy to let him take her home, but instead takes her to the docks, where he interrogates her about her role with Luke. Sonny, Luke and Mike find out and head down to the docks. In a shoot-out, Joe tries to kill Sonny, but hits Mike instead. After Joe's bullet hits Mike, Joe points his gun at Mike to finish and job. Sonny has to choose between Mike and Joe and shoots and kills Joe to save Mike's life. Luke and Lucy hear the shots and Luke comes to help Sonny, followed by Lucy. The tree rush Mike to the hospital.

Sonny and Luke fear retribution for his death, and start to take precautions. Sonny asks Brenda to leave the apartment for a couple of days, but Brenda refuses. Sonny finds out that Skully's men refuse to "negotiate". Luke, Sonny and his men go on "red alert".

Also during this time, Stone has learned that he has an advanced case of AIDS. He is devastated by this news, and what it means for him, and also for Robin. He disappears, and Sonny and Robin worry about him.

Late one night, when Brenda is home alone taking a shower, and Luke and Sonny are over at the Spencer house, Joe's men attack. Brenda sees the shadow of her attacker just seconds before he starts to shoot, and drops to the floor of the shower. Luke and Sonny shoot it out with Joe's men, killing one and wounding two. Laura hears the shots and comes down the stairs with a rifle, killing a second man about to shoot Luke.

At the same time, in front of Luke's, Robin, who is leaving the penthouse, bumps into Stone and he immediately begins to run away from her. She goes after him and suddenly shots are fired. Stone saves her from being shot, but is shot in the process, and is bleeding. This terrifies him, and he runs away again.

After the shooting, Sonny tries to reassure Brenda that there will be no more trouble, but she is not convinced. She is starting to wonder what kind of a life she will have with Sonny.

Not long after the shooting, as things are returning to normal, Stone confides in Robin and Sonny about having AIDS. He is concerned about what others will think about him, and asks them not to tell anyone else. Sonny is devastated by the news and cannot hide it from Brenda. Brenda tries to question Sonny about what's bothering him, but Sonny tells her he can't betray a confidence. They have a heated discussion, and things are left unsettled between them.

Lois and Ned are having their second wedding in Brooklyn. All their friends are aboard the Quartermaine yacht on the way to the wedding. Things are tense between Sonny and Brenda, and Stone senses this. He asks Sonny about it and Sonny explains she's upset because she knows something is bothering him, but he can't tell her. Stone, who doesn't want to cause Sonny problems, gives him permission to tell Brenda the truth. Sonny makes a deal with Brenda that if she will let things ride during the wedding and just enjoy this time, he will tell her what has been bothering him afterward the wedding. When they return to the apartment after the wedding, he confides in her. Both of them are heartbroken for Stone.

In Port Charles, things have not been going well for Lily and Miguel for some time. Lily finally tells Miguel that she does not think it will work, and breaks the engagement. Lily confides in Sonny about the breakup and they grow closer. Sonny and Miguel, who have always had problems, disagree about Lily. Brenda tries to resolve the situation between Lily and Miguel and Miguel and Sonny for the sake of L&B Records, but her attempts are unsuccessful. Brenda grows increasingly jealous of Sonny's involvement with Lily.

One morning, when Sonny thinks Brenda is sleeping, Harry visits and asks for advice about an "employee" skimming from the *business*. Brenda overhears, and is upset. She talks with Lois, and Lois tries to assure her that Sonny gave his word that he was legit. Meanwhile, Ned has been working with Mac to try and "get the goods" on Sonny since their return from Puerto Rico. Mac and Felicia plant an illegal wire tap in Harry's office and learn incriminating evidence that Sonny is indeed involved in criminal activities. This evidence is not admissible, however.

Brenda tells Sonny that she can handle anything, as long as she knows the truth. Sonny continues to evade her questions about the business. Ned and Mac play the illegal tape for Brenda and Lois. They are angry and upset that Sonny has lied to them. Brenda loves Sonny, and tries to give him chances to come clean, but he continues to lie to her. With some prodding from Ned and Lois, she reluctantly agrees to wear a wire and to try to get Sonny to admit on tape his illegal activities. She agrees only if she can have the last say on whether or not she gives the tape to Garcia.

One afternoon, Lily drops by the gatehouse to give Lois a present. On her way out, she bumps into Mac, who has just arrived. As it is a hot summer day, Lois has left the window open. Lily drops her purse and it's contents and when she bends down to pick everything up, she overhears Mac, Lois and Ned discussing the wire and Brenda wearing it. She confides to Sonny what she has overheard. Sonny feels like the earth is collapsing around him. He cannot believe Brenda would betray him, but he starts to watch her. When she questions him about his activities, he knows what she is up to. In an emotional scene, he tells her he has trusted her and loved her more than he thought possible, and thought she had loved him too. Brenda tells him she does love him. They embrace, and Sonny pulls the recorder from under her jacket. Brenda tries to explain, but Sonny is furious, and orders her to leave.

Lily finds Sonny on the docks and tries to comfort him. The next day, she asks him if he will accompany her to Puerto Rico to see her father, who has been shot. Brenda finds out about the trip, and thinks that Sonny and Lily are involved. She turns to Miguel and they make love. When Sonny and Lily return from Puerto Rico, they find Brenda and Miguel in a compromising situation. Sonny is hurt and furious and again turns to Lily. They decide they will take things slowly in their relationship.

As time goes by, Stone gets sicker and needs to be hospitalized. He has no insurance, but Sonny tells him not to worry, he will pay the hospital bills. He takes the money from some illegal accounts. Mac discovers, with Katherine's help, where the money for Stone's hospitalization is coming from, Damian Smith's secret accounts, and now has a direct link between Sonny and Damian and the organization.

During Stone's illness, Stone and Sonny grow even closer. Sonny tells Stone that he loves him like a brother. He stays close to Stone, and with Robin, cares for him. Lily is never far from Sonny's side. Eventually, they make love. Sonny finds that he trusts Lily, and that she understands him and never pressures him.

Brenda, who is also close to Stone, visits in the hospital. Sonny and Brenda try to put aside their differences for Stone. Stone can see that Sonny and Brenda are still in love, and he tries to help them. When Robin finds out she is HIV+, she asks Sonny to tell Brenda. Brenda and Sonny share a moment of closeness in their sorrow. As Stone gets sicker, Brenda visits more frequently, and Sonny finds he cannot forget his feelings for her.

Stone is finally overcome by his disease, and dies. Sonny holds a very touching memorial service. He is deeply hurt by Stone's death. As he starts to pick up the pieces of his life, he finds he is being investigated for racketeering, and expects he will soon be brought up on charges. He begins to liquidate his assets. He sells his interest in Luke's to Lucy. He contacts Edward Quartermaine, and offers to sell Edward his shares in L&B Records. He knows that Edward will cause problems for Eddie Maine, and he informs Edward about Sepata and his desire to sign Miguel. Sonny tells Edward that if he signs Miguel to Sepata, he will get the money he just paid Sonny back. Edward then goes to Brenda and lets her know that Sonny sold the shares and they should put hers in a holding company to assure the company's safety. Brenda, who doesn't know what to do, tries calling Lois and Ned who are in New York on a photo shoot. She can't reach them so she turns to Sonny. In a move that was complete betrayal, Sonny tells Brenda it would be a good idea.

When Brenda discovers she has been betrayed, she confronts Sonny. She tells him that she thinks they are now "even", and she would like to help him. Sonny hides his feelings for her, and rejects her help. Sonny is visited by Stone's specter, who advises Sonny not to shut love out of his life.

Later, Brenda and Sonny meet in front of Luke's. Brenda again expresses her concern for Sonny, and Sonny can no longer deny his passion for her. They kiss, but Sonny pulls away. Brenda tells him that it is okay, she wants to help him and be with him. Sonny tries to deny her again, but his feelings are too strong. They decide to make an appearance at Luke's, and then go somewhere to be alone. Inside Luke's, Brenda and Sonny are on the verge of reconciling when Lily shows up. Shortly afterwards, Sonny is arrested. While Brenda visits Sonny is jail, and tells him she will stand by him, Lily calls her father and asks for a meeting.

Lily tells her father that if he will keep Sonny out of jail, she will reconcile with him. She tells her father she loves Sonny. Rivera offers Sonny a deal...marry Lily and he will assure that Sonny will go free. Sonny is stunned, and goes to Luke's to discuss with Luke the deal. He remembers Brenda's betrayal. He tells Luke he thinks he can live without love, but not without trust. He loves Brenda, but he trusts Lily.

Sonny goes to Lily and proposes marriage. He tries to tell her that while he respects and honors her, he does not love her. Lily says she has love enough for both of them. Sonny explains that until the charges against him are dropped, they should not see each other.

Sonny then visits Brenda at Kellys. He tries to tell her that he cannot see her, but instead admits he has always loved her, and always will. He then leaves her troubled and confused, telling her they cannot be together.

Stone has been cremated, and Sonny and Robin scatter his ashes at the bridge where Stone learned how to bungee jump. Brenda joins them, and Sonny and Brenda comfort Robin. Sonny then takes Robin back to her uncle's house, and tells her he is going to marry Lily. Robin does not understand, when it is evident the feeling between Brenda and Sonny. But she has grown close to Sonny, and tells him she wants what is best for him.

Sonny and Lily marry, and Sonny seems content with his choice. Unknown to him, Brenda is at the back of the chapel during the ceremony, watching in pain as the man she loves marries another. Sonny and Lily honeymoon, and Sonny tells Lily he will always try to be there for her. He sincerely cares for Lily, but even during the honeymoon, he cannot forget Brenda. Afterwards, Sonny and Lily return to Port Charles and take up residence at the penthouse.

Soon after Sonny and Lily's marriage, a mysterious stranger comes to Port Charles to try to win Lois. Jasper Jacks (Jax) is fascinated by Lois. Ned enlists Brenda's help in trying to distract Jax's attention away from Lois.

Sonny and Lily find that they are continually running into Brenda and Jax. Sonny feels the green eyed monster, jealousy. When he learns that Jax has plans to take Brenda to Ireland, he intercepts her. Brenda calls him on it, and he admits that he has had trouble letting go, but that he won't betray his wedding vows. Lily finds them, and Brenda confronts her. "Why does he look so hungry?" she asks Lily.

Brenda and Jax soon join forces. If Jax will help Brenda make Sonny jealous, she will help him get close to Lois. Brenda confides her plan to Lois, not wanting to betray her friend. Time passes. Brenda fantasizes about being with Sonny. Sonny is finding it harder to stay focused in his marriage. One night, Brenda's car has a flat, and it is raining. She cannot find a phone, and ends up at the penthouse. Sonny is alone, and she asks if she can use the phone. Sonny watches her, it seems he cannot get enough of the sight of her. Lily and her bodyguard come home and find Brenda wearing Sonny's coat, with only her bra on underneath.

The next night, Ned is performing at Luke's, and Brenda and Jax are there, as well as Sonny and Lily. Sonny has a fantasy about dancing with Brenda. He cannot stop thinking about her, and he tells Lily he needs to leave. As they are standing outside waiting for Edward to bring their car around, Brenda and Jax also leave. Sonny and Brenda exchange glances. Suddenly a car comes out of nowhere and heads toward Brenda. Lily pushes her, and the car sideswipes her. Brenda is seriously injured. Sonny rushes first to Lily, and then to Brenda, where he begs her to open her eyes.

At the hospital, Sonny finds it difficult to leave Brenda's side. He sets up a meeting with Lily's father, Rivera, and finds out that what he suspicioned was true, Rivera was responsible for the accident. Lily's bodyguard had informed Rivera about Brenda being at the penthouse. Rivera warns Sonny that if he doesn't stay away from Brenda, her life is in danger. Sonny tells Rivera he is a man of his word, and gives Rivera his own warning....leave Brenda alone.

Later, when Sonny again visits Brenda at the hospital, he finds Jax in her room. One morning, Brenda is gone, and Sonny discovers that Jax has whisked her away. He cannot stop thinking about her, and Lily realizes he still loves Brenda. Lily asks him if he wants out of the marriage. Sonny does not wish to hurt Lily, and aware of Rivera's warning, tells her no. He asks her to go away on a second honeymoon. She says she'd like to go to Canada to ski.

Jax has taken Brenda to California to recuperate. Jax's feelings for Brenda have changed. He wants a more serious relationship with her, but Brenda is still thinking only of Sonny. When Brenda and Jax return to Port Charles, Brenda overhears Lily discussing her vacation plans. She devises a plan to get Jax to take her to the same place Sonny and Lily are going.

Sonny is furious with Brenda when he finds out that she and Jax are in Canada. He realizes that she set this up. He and Lily decide to leave the ski resort. Jax is also upset with Brenda, and he leaves her there. Brenda goes skiing, and purposefully separates herself from the rest of her group. The weather is starting to turn bad. As Sonny and Lily are leaving, they overhear the ski patrol say they cannot find Brenda Barrett. Sonny cannot leave without knowing she is alright, and tells Lily he must try to find her. He takes a snowmobile, and starts to search for her.

Meanwhile Brenda, who is half frozen in the storm, finds a cabin she had earlier discovered and sits down to wait for Sonny. She does not have to wait long. Sonny finds her and they embrace. As Sonny tries to light a fire, Brenda makes a slip, and Sonny realizes that she set the rescue up. He again is angry with her and they fight. Brenda runs out of the cabin at the same time the ski resort is hit by an avalanche. Sonny finds Brenda, and she is close to death. He brings her back to the cabin and warms her up.

Sonny and Brenda find they are trapped at the cabin. For three days, they alternate between fighting and fear. Finally, Brenda breaks through to Sonny. He tells her he can no longer pretend he doesn't want her. They kiss passionately. Just at that moment, a helicopter flies overhead. Rescue is at hand. Brenda does not want to be rescued, but Sonny tells her they must, or they will die. Lily and Jax, they find out, are their rescuers.

Back in Port Charles, Sonny and Brenda find it difficult to continue on with their normal lives. Sonny cannot stop brooding about Brenda, even though he realizes the affect it has on Lily. Brenda steals into his car one evening and they kiss. Sonny tells Brenda to stay away from him, but he finds it difficult to take his own advice. When he sees Brenda standing on the dock the next night, he fantasizes about being with her. When she calls him, he willingly goes to her side. Brenda tells Sonny that she will be his mistress. While he admits he still loves her, he tells her he cannot let her do this, as it would be unfair to her. Brenda cries in his arms, as Lily, who has just arrived on the docks, looks on.

Lily realizes that the marriage is over, and Sonny realizes what he has done to her. He has hurt everyone, even though he did not mean to. He feels the only way out is to leave with Brenda, and let Lily start a new life without him

For Brenda, Sonny realizes he is willing to break his word to Rivera, and leave everything behind. He knows he loves Brenda, and cannot be happy without her. He calls her and asks her to meet him on the docks. When they meet, Brenda tries to tell him that she will leave him alone, that she is even thinking of leaving. But Sonny stops her. He tells her he wants to be with her. They have a wonderful, joyful reunion. Sonny tells Brenda that he could never stop loving her. He asks her over and over if she understands what being with him will mean. She tells him she understands, and they only important thing to her is being with him. They have gained a level of understanding and trust they did not have in their earlier relationship. They make plans to leave, "at the end of the week". Sonny tells Brenda that he can never remember being as happy as he is now. The only thing left for Sonny to do is to tell Lily.

When Sonny returns home to talk with Lily, she has news of her own. She is pregnant. A stunned Sonny goes to the docks to think. There he meets a small boy, whose father has left the family. Sonny knows what he must do. He can never leave a child to suffer as he suffered when he was young. He will stay with Lily and make a life with her. He calls Brenda and breaks the news to her. Brenda feels as if her life is over. Sonny tells her he loves her with all his heart, but cannot be with her when there is a child involved. Brenda tells Sonny to "be a good father and make it worthwhile."

Sonny returns to find Lily gone. He finds out that she has left for the airport and follows her. In a highly emotional scene, he begs her to stay with him, and she agrees. They return home, and Sonny feels at peace. Harry, however, thinking Sonny is still leaving with Brenda, calls Rivera and tells him that Brenda is still a problem.

The next morning, Lily calls her father and tells him she is coming to Puerto Rico to tell him some news. Sonny convinces Lily that he should take her out that evening, instead, to announce the news. Lily forgets to call her father to tell him she is not coming.

Meanwhile, Jax has found Brenda in a terrible state. He takes her back to her room, and they make love. The next morning, he tells Brenda that this day will either be their wedding day, or the last day she will see him. He tells her that his plane is leaving at 5:00, and if she's there, they will be married. Brenda, knowing she has no future with Sonny, decides to start fresh with Jax. She meets him at the airport.

Sonny and Lily go to Luke's, Sonny buys everyone champagne, and announces the pending arrival. He drinks a little too much. When they are leaving, Lily takes the car keys away from him, and tells him she will drive. At the same time, Brenda and Jax are aboard Jax's yacht, about to take their marriage vows.

In what GH has called its most explosive scene in its 33 year history, eerie godfather-like music starts to play. Everything happens in slow motion. Lily turns to wave at Sonny, and Sonny waves back. There is a shot of Brenda's feet, panning up to see her looking at Jax. She is wearing a wedding gown. Shot of Lily's feet moving toward the car, shot of Brenda moving toward Jax. Shot of Lily smiling again at Sonny at the car, shot of Brenda and Jax moving toward the minister. Shot of Lily getting in the car, shot of Jax slipping the ring on Brenda's finger. Shot of Sonny, Mike and Luke smiling, joking and laughing, shot of Brenda and Jax kissing. Shot of Lily turning the car key, shot of Jax picking up champagne glasses. No music. The clink of champagne glasses, a sudden explosion. Sonny turning toward the car and screaming, "Nooooooo!".

Sonny is racked with guilt because he knows the car bomb is for him. He visits Rivera, and tells Rivera that Lily was carrying his grandson. Rivera has already suffered a stroke after learning of Lily's death. Sonny offers him a way out, he hands him a gun. As Sonny leaves the room, a shot is fired and Rivera is dead. Back home, even though people try to help, Sonny finds it difficult to grieve, his pain is too deep. He has a funeral service for Lily, then flies to Puerto Rico and visits her son, Juan. He tells Juan that he will never want for anything. Back at Lily's grave site, Harry shows up. Harry is horrified by what has happened, and even more so when he learns Lily was pregnant. He asks Sonny what he should do. Sonny tells him to run. He says that because Lily considered Harry a friend, he would not kill him then. But he never wanted to see Harry again.

Brenda returns from her honeymoon to learn of Lily's death, and goes to Sonny. Sonny is able to open up to her a little, and share some of his grief.

What will happen now? Will Sonny be too grief stricken and guilty to want Brenda back in his life or will he fight for her? Will he stay in the "organization", knowing the pain it brings to those around him? Only time will tell. Fans of Sonny and Brenda still long for a reconciliation . We wait for the day when these two can freely be in each other's arms and continue the magic started over two years ago. We fully believe this supercouple can overcome their difficulties, learn to trust and understand each other, and come into the wonder of their love.

Sonny and Brenda's history continued