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Sonny and Brenda Newsletter

Greeting from the editor

Hello! Welcome to the second edition of the Sonny and Brenda Newsletter from Sonny and Brenda Online. Not all sections are available since this is new and also, I need help! If you want to help, respond to the e-mail link under the incomplete sections and if you have any other ideas, e-mail me at the address on this page as well.

Also, last week there seemed to be some confusion about the updates. Under "Sonny and Brenda Updates," I asked if anyone would like to write them to e-mail me and some thought that I said receive, which I did not. Just wanted to clear that up. :-)

-Heather Conzett

Sonny and Brenda Update

Brenda worries about Sonny's safety. Sonny reminds her that they can't let their lives be ruled by fear. Elsewhere, Mac hopes that it was Sonny and Jason who killed Dorman because they would be smart enough to cover their tracks. On Wednesday, Brenda insisted to go to the precinct house with Sonny when they want to collect a hair sample from him. Brenda quietly asks Jason to cause a distraction so that she can switch her hair samples for Sonny's. He does this by causing a scene when Rebecca arrives. Her plan was successful...almost. On Thursday, Brenda told Sonny that she doesn't want to rush into Lily's spot before he's ready. Sonny informs her that he is. Their conversation is interrupted by Garcia and Taggert at the door...again. They tell Sonny that his hair samples match those found at the crime scene. Brenda tells them about what she did, ultimately getting herself deeply involved in Dorman's murder case by becoming the main murder suspect. At the Nurses' Ball on Friday, they sit together, in a way publically announcing their reunion to the few who didn't already know. When Brenda mentions that her chair is off-balance, Sonny's bodyguards & Mike quickly stand to see if their chair is steady. Brenda is amazed by this quick response to her comment as she accepts the sturdy chair. While they are inside having a good time, Garcia and Taggert find a bloody scaple in her trunk, obviously planted. They are on their way to arrest Brenda and turn her and Sonny's world upside down yet again.

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Momment of the week.
Sonny and Brenda remember Stone. "He always wanted us to be together." Brenda says.

Lines of the week.
Garcia: we are going to be giving Mr. Corinthos a haircut
Sonny: (pointing to taggert) What do you mean Garcia? Not from his barber! :)

Taggert: Well hello MRS. Jacks
Brenda: MS. Barrett
Taggert: Sonny...Jax... I can't keep up

S&B Memories

This section is dedicated to Sonny and Brenda's past with a transcript of a scene and a memorable line.

March 7, 1997: S&B Make Love in the Catacombs

Brenda: You know, of everything that's ever happened in my life, your love was the best. I couldn't let go of it even when I wanted to. It's the strongest thing in my life.

Sonny: And now you're gonna die because of me, Brenda.

Brenda: (Shakes her head) You tried to protect me.

Sonny: No, I saw what I wanted and I took it. You were this young, wild, little girl - (Brenda starts laughing) - I was more trouble than you'd ever seen and you just had to have me. (he smiles)

Brenda: You asked me out!

Sonny: Yeah, but I warned you first, and I kept on warning you because I knew it'd be harder for you to stay away.

Brenda: So you played with me… (she is still smiling)

Sonny: Yeah, yeah…for about five seconds. That's all it took me to know that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. You know, even now, I walk by your billboards and see some guy staring up and I think - this guy's an idiot. What does he know? He doesn't have a clue how beautiful she really is. Not even Jax knows… (Brenda starts smiling again at this!)…only me. And if we had grown old together, when you had lines on your face and gray in your hair, you'd still be the most perfect thing in the world to me.

Brenda: (Smiling) You know I can't even picture you old…it doesn't matter what happens to your face. I'll always look in your eyes and see a little boy…abused and scared, holding all the pain inside. You know, I wanted to be the one person that never did anything to hurt you and I did.

Sonny: Hey, I hurt you too, c'mon, hey, the hard part is I can't take it back…all the fighting, everything, you know, that I said to you.

Brenda: It's okay…it doesn't matter. Sonny….

Sonny: No, no….(jumps up)

Brenda: You okay?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm alright. I just…I can't…Oh, I don't want to, I can't do this anymore, I don't need to do that…

(end of first scene)

(2nd scene, Sonny is pacing nervously)

Brenda: You feel better?

Sonny: Do you know how much I hate you seeing me like this?

Brenda: Sonny, why do you keep blaming yourself for what your stepfather did to you?

Sonny: Because I let it happen.

Brenda: You were a child, what were you supposed to do?

Sonny: Kill him! I knew where the gun was…I should - I knew how to fire it.

Brenda: Look, if you would have done that, who knows what would have happened to you…you never would have met me.

Sonny: No, we were inevitable. As long as we were alive, it was going to happen between us. (Puts his head down and mumbles 'oh, boy')

Brenda: Are you sure you're okay?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm alright. The attacks, whatever you want to call them, they wear me out. I could just fall asleep right now.

Brenda: No, no, no. (She comes to him and kneels at his feet) I don't want you to sleep, you freaked me out with this dying thing…and I don't want to lose you yet.

Sonny: You won't…even in Hell I'll be thinking about you.

Brenda: You're not going to Hell.

Sonny: How would you know? You never even go to church? (they both laugh).

Brenda: 'Cause. People who beat up little kids go to Hell. Not good men who've done some bad things.

Sonny: For almost a year, I wanted to die. But I didn't kill myself because suicide is a mortal sin and it would hurt too many people. So you know what I did? I drank myself to sleep and I would pray that I wouldn't wake up in the morning. And now it's finally happening and I'm not ready for it. I'm not ready for it because I'll never have a chance to love you like I should have. (whispers) I'll never have a chance to thank Mike.

Brenda: No, Mike knows. He loves you.

Sonny: That's something, huh? (still whispering)

Brenda: Yeah. (she is whispering too). Love's never wasted. (She feels sick again, wipes her hand over her forehead. Then she finds Sonny's wedding ring in the dirt). Wait. Hey.

Sonny: What?

Brenda: It's your ring.

Sonny: Oh, right. When I didn't find it on Harry, I thought I'd lost it, thank you.

Brenda: I wonder how long Jax will wear my ring? You know, we're not even really married, just in our hearts. You know the last thing I ever wanted was to hurt him. I wanted so much to love him back the way he loved me.

Sonny: Someone comes into your life and loves you, you don't expect to get it and earn it but they say you're better than you know…maybe they're right.

Brenda: I hated that Lily could give you peace.

Sonny: I hated that Jax made you feel safe.

Brenda: (laughs, then becomes serious). I almost lost myself so many times in you…I always stopped myself.

(end of 2nd scene)

Brenda: Remember when I told you that I didn't love you? I lied.

Sonny: I know…I know. (Brenda smiles at him)

Brenda: I love you and it's the only thing in my life I've ever really known…I don't even know whether it's right or it's wrong but it's real…I do love you. (she smiles)

(Sonny gives her this intense gaze and they stand up. She puts her right hand on the back of his neck and they start kissing. She puts her hands on his face. He sits down again and draws her to him. She looks at him and there are tears in her eyes, like she can't believe they've wasted all this time up til now and now they are going to die - we can't believe it either, Brenda! - then goes back to kissing him passionately. He slides her shirt off her shoulders and undoes her bra…he slides his lips down her neck and kisses her bare shoulder…and then unfortunately for us, the scene ends!)

(Brenda is buttoning her shirt back up and…she is sitting in front of Sonny, leaning on him. Their heads are together and he is stroking her hair.)

Sonny: You alright?

Brenda: Yeah. I was just thinking about…when we first met at that car dealership, remember? (she laughs). You smiled at me and I knew that I would follow you anywhere.

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Brenda: I'm not (whispers). Turns her face up to Sonny and kisses him again and smiles.

Sonny: Go to sleep, sweetheart. (Sonny draws his coat over them and Brenda takes his arm and draws it around her.)

S&B Quote
(In the cabin during the snow storm on May 3, 1996)

Brenda: That was the first night you ever kissed me it was, oh my God, do you know that 2 years later I still sit up at night sometimes and my mouth still burns from that kiss.


Stefan asks Katherine to meet him. Luke and Bobbie snoop around at Wyndemere. Tony makes a decision about Carly. Taggert and Garcia arrest a Dorman case suspect. Ned and Alexis have a romantic evening. Stefan makes Katherine a vague promise. Carly worries about her baby's paternity. Sarah brings Audrey home. Bobbie prepares to drug Stefan. Monica and Ned protest the type of treatment Alan thinks is right for Emily. Lucky is pleased to learn what Sarah will be doing for the summer. Sonny and Jason hatch a plan to help Brenda. Stefan gives Nikolas a job. Robin returns. Emily and Edward team up.

Red letter Days

Monday, June 23: Robin gives a speech at the Nurses' Ball.
Tuesday, June 24: Tony makes a decision about Carly. Luke and Bobbie find a hidden box at Wyndemere.
Wednesday, June 25: Ned and Alexis have a romantic evening.
Thursday, June 26: Brenda and Sonny recommit to a future together and share a romantic evening.
Friday, June 27:: Brenda is arrested for Dorman's murder. Carly worries about who her baby's father is.

Next Week

Stafan discovers that Bobbie is working with Luke. Katherine confronts Alexis about Stefan's marriage. Jax convinces Mac to help clear Brenda. Lucky learns that Nikolas will be his boss at GH.

As the fourth annual Nurses' Ball gets underway, mistress of ceremonies Lucy Coe is preoccupied with finding Serena. But despite the seriousness of the situation, the always-entertaining Lucy squeezes in her various costume changes.

Also on hand are the medical interns, who are attending their first ball. Former rivals Karen and Brenda reunite and share memories of Stone. "Karen and Brenda put the past behind them a long time ago," says Vanessa Marcil (Brenda). Later, Karen "meets" Jason and they get over the awkwardness of Jason not remembering his former girlfriend.

Musical numbers and other surprises take place during the party. The Quartermaines and Sonny and Brenda are preoccupied with the investigation of Dorman's death. Emily and Edward perform an impromptu duet from Annie. Luke stops in at the last minutes to substitute for Drexler in Bobbie's disco number. And Katherine amazes the crowd with her own special performance.

The Nurses' Ball wouldn't be complete without Robin. Fortunately, she returns for college in time to attend the party. Robin makes a speech, and her tender words and compassion touch everyone.

Later, Sonny and Brenda discuss their plans to live together. However, the lovebirds are unaware an anonyous tip has led the police to believe that Brenda is Dorman's killer. Tagert and Garcia arrest Brenda, whose plan to use one of her own hairs in place of Sonny's has backfired in the worst possible way. Sonny can't believe his true love has been taken into custody, so he and Jason devise a plan to clear Brenda.

The latest on Vanessa Marcil's contract from SOD

Unless you've been living in the catacombs, you know that General Hospital star Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) is in the process of deciding whether or not she wants to remain with the show when her contract expires this summer.

"The rumor I heard is that I signed for another year," marvels Marcil. "I actually read that in one of those new soap magazines. That is untrue, and I wish you would print that. How can they say I have signed a contract when I haven't? I haven't even made a decision!"

Rumors started around the time that Marcil's pilot, L.A. Med, was not chosen for ABC's fall schedule. "Even though my show didn't get picked up, there are a lot of things happening (outside GH)," she explains. "There are still a lot of elements that have nothing to do with that show, which have to do with other ghings in my life. We can't start negotiating until I say (to GH), 'I'm staying,' which I haven't done."

GH fans are keenly interested in Marcil's contract status, because they assume that if Marcil stays, Brenda will be paired with Jax (Ingo Rademacher). If Marcil goes, the rumor is that Brenda will go on the run with Sonny (Maurice Benard, who has announced his exi). "You never know," teases Marcil, in character as Brenda. "It may not be one or the other. I may leave without Sonny. Or I might leave and come back. Or I might stay and not end up with Jax. The writers have to be prepared for the fact that I might leave, and they have to figure out two different scenarios. They either write that I'm leaving or that I'm staying."

So, while Marcil is weighing her many options, does she have any advice for her loyal GH fans? "Relax!" responds the actress with a smile.

The Top Tale:
Sonny and Brenda's Reunion
from Soap Opera Digest

The Tale In A Nutshell: The tempestuous relationship between fashion model Brenda and mob boss Sonny went down the drain when his rivals almost murdered Brenda in the shower. Sonny's danger-ridden lifestyle proved too much for Ms. Barrett, and she moved on to dashing (and indefinitely fafer) businessman Jax. She and Jax married on his yacht, just as Sonny's wife, Lily, died in an explosion meant to kill him. Brenda and Jax planned to remarry in Port Charles, but Sonny put a stop to that when he arrived at the nuptials with Jax's presumed-dead wife, Miranda. While facing death in the catacombs, Sonny and brend amade love. Once they were rescued, however, Brenda returned to Jax. Ms. Barrett finally decided to face a lingering pill addiction and moved out on her own. Thanks to her newfound clarity, she saw the light and realized Sonny was the man for her. The two reunited with a kiss on the docks, then made love on a special plot of land Sonny had purchased after their time in the cave.

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    Sonny and Brenda Song

    "It's all coming back to me now" by Celine Dion.

    There were nights when the wind
    was so cold
    That my body froze in bed
    If I just listened to it
    Right outside the window

    There were days when the sun
    was so cruel
    That all the tears turn to dust
    and I just knew my eyes were
    drying up forever
    I finished crying in the instant
    that you left
    And I can't remember where
    or when or how
    And i banished every memory
    you and I have ever made

    But when you touch me like this
    And you hold me like that
    I just have to admit
    That it's all coming back to me
    When I touch you like this
    And I hold you like that
    It's so hard to believe but
    It's all coming back to me
    (It's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now)

    There were moments of gold
    and there were flashes of light
    There were things I'd never do again
    But then they'd always seemed right
    There were nights of endless pleasure
    It was mor than any laws allow
    Baby baby

    If I kiss you like this
    And if you whisper like that
    It was lost long ago
    But it's all comng back to me
    If you want me like this
    And if I need you like that
    I was dead long ago
    But it's all coming back to me
    It's so hard to resist
    And it's all coming back to me
    i can barely recall
    But it's all coming back to me now
    But it's all coming back

    There were those empty threats and
    hollow lies
    And whenever you tried to hurt me
    I just hurt you even worse
    And so much deeper

    There were hours that just went on
    for days
    When alone at last we'd count up
    all the chances
    That were lost to us forever

    But you were history with the
    slamming of the door
    And I made myself so strong
    again somehow
    And I never wasted any of my time
    on you since then

    But if I touch you like this
    And if you kiss me like that
    It was so long ago
    But it's all coming back to me

    If you touch me like this
    And if I kiss you like that
    It was gone with the wind
    But it's all coming back to me
    (It's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now)

    There were moments of gold
    And there were flashes of light
    There were things we'd never do again
    But then they'd always seemed right
    There were nights of endless pleasure
    It was more than all your laws allow
    Baby, baby, baby

    When you touch me like this
    And when you hold me like that
    It was gone with the wind
    But it's all coming back to me
    When you see me like this
    And when I see you like that
    Then we see what we want to see
    All coming back to me
    The flesh and the fantasies
    All coming back to me
    I can barely recall
    But it's all coming back to me now

    If you forgive me all this
    If I forgive you all that
    We forgive and forget
    And it's all coming back to me
    When you see me like this
    And when I see you like that
    We see what we want to see
    All coming back to me
    I can barely recall but it's all coming
    back to me now

    (It's all coming back to me now)
    And when you kiss me like this
    (It's all coming back to me now)
    And when I touch you like that
    (It's all coming back to me now)
    If you do it like this
    (It's all coming back to me now)
    And if we....

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