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Sonny and Brenda Newsletter

Greeting from the editor

Hello! Welcome to the fourth edition of the Sonny and Brenda Newsletter from Sonny and Brenda Online. Help has arrived to make it easier for me to do the newsletter. More sections will be added in later newsletters.

Sorry that the newsletter is late. Because of the holiday, my magazines did not arrive until Tuesday at 6pm.

-Heather Conzett

Sonny and Brenda Update

Mac found something strange, but rather pretty, lying amongst the evidence. It was an origami made of tin foil, (Like the Tim Man. Get it?) a lovely blending of old world charm and modern technology. Sonny joined Brenda who was "safely" ensconced at the safe house. However, the house wasn't so safe as they may have been led to believe. Like, for instance, there was that guy sneaking around outside. If Brenda's whereabouts isn't a secret, then how safe can she be? Monica and Ned found out the murder weapon was located in Brenda's car, and Monica didn't want Emily to know Brenda had been arrested. Unfortunately Emily found out anyway from Edward ..

Momment/line of the week of the week.
Brenda, freaking out because of all of the noise outside and her feeling that someone was watching her, fears the worst when there is a knock at the door. Fortunatly, it's Sonny. "It's the Forth of July, baby" he says to explain all of the noise.

The S&B Memories and Quote are taking the week off because I'm trying to get this out as fast as possible. They will return next week as usual.



Bobbie admits her crime. Carly stages a romantic dinner for A.J. and Keesha. The "Tin Man" tips off the cops. Robin comes home to an upsetting surprise. Stefan and Katherine grow closer. Luke helps Sonny and Brenda evade the police. Jason starts to realize who killed Dorman. Sarah comes between Lucky and Nikolas. V. Ardanowski uncovers a clue. The "Tin Man" comes between Robin and Jason in a violent way. Stefan gives Bobbie and ultimatum. Emily worries that Ned is covering for Monica. Stefan is torn between family and business.

Friday, July 11:: Stefan must choose between saving Nikolas or conquering the world. The "Tin Man" shoots at Jason and Robin.

Next Week

Stefan chooses between Nikolas and his plan. Nikolas wants to be Katherine's roomate. Carly thinks she may have succeeded in pairing A.J. and Keesha.

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