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Sonny and Brenda Newsletter

Greeting from the editor

Hello! Welcome to the fifth edition of the Sonny and Brenda Newsletter from Sonny and Brenda Online.

PLEASE READ THIS: This is a web page based newsletter and will not be distributed via e-mail! I have received many requests for this, which I have never implied that I would be doing. If you want to read the newsletter, come here at the beginning of the week (unless it's late like last week) and it'll be here. Thank you!

Also, I am very happy that you all like the new format for SBO. Many new things are in the works and the S&Believers around the world page is set to debut in a few days.

-Heather Conzett

Sonny and Brenda Update

S&B's week begins at the safehouse. Brenda is unable to shake the feeling that someone is watching them (which, BTW, is very true), she admits to Sonny how claustrophobic she's getting in her self-imposed exile. The "Tin Man" tips off the cops about S&B's whereabouts. Taggert comes with his army of cops and teargas, but S&B escape through the secret tunnel that ends up in the forrest that Jason told Brenda about when they first arrived there. They head to Lukes in search of a plan. Luke agrees to help Sonny and Brenda elude the authorities but suggests they don some disguises first. When asked how he felt while going through the long tunnel, Sonny says that he was fine, didn't break a sweat. (While no further discussion was made about this, other than Luke and Brenda's surprise stares, I personally attribut this towards the cave incident where he was forced to face his fear and the shock of it all and Brenda's presence helped him not be as terrified of enclosed places as he was before.)

Meanwhile, Jax is quizing Rebecca about the night of the murder. She realizes that she lost her button because she saw Dorman in the morgue after he was stabbed and before he died. He (as we saw in the flashback) grabbed her sweater with a strong grip before he died and when she pulled away, the button came off.

Also, Jason makes a connection between the origami found at the scene & the man who dropped a similiar one while talking to Dorman one day. Kevin comes and with Jason's description, draws the mystery man. "Tin Man" is the name Robin gave him.

S&B leave on a boat to Flordia, where Jason believes that what they are looking for now is based on a portion of a matchbook cover that the Tin Man left with another origami at the Zebra Lounge.

As Jason and Robin are dancing in her living room, the Tin Man shoots Jason as we, for the first time in ages, are left with a Friday cliffhanger.

Momment/line of the week of the week.
When Luke gave Brenda a small bottle of Laura's perfume that he kept to remind him of her to Brenda to smell a little better out on the ocean for "Special occasions" with Sonny.

S&B Memories

This section is dedicated to a past S&B scene transcript and a memorable line from the past.

The Vampire Fantasy

After hanging up, Brenda starts brushing her hair. She lays down and starts to fantasize.... Sonny is lying in a canopy bed that is covered in white gauze and he’s got black silk pajamas on. Brenda walks in and she has a nurses uniform on -- complete with hat and cape. The music is hard to describe -- gothic yet sexy and romantic. There are flowers and candles too. She walks around slowly to Sonny’s side of the bed but still stands back away from him a bit. Sonny looks dangerous yet incredibly sexy - he looks at her intently.

B: (murmurs) “How are you feeling?”

S: “Better when you’re around.”

B: (takes off her cape and sets it on the bed) “I wasn’t sure you’d want me here.”

S: “I need you here.”

B: “You know I’m only a nurse. Don’t you want a doctor like Karen?”

S: “*WHO*?”

B: “You mean that?” Sonny pushes the white covers back (everything is white except for his black silk pajamas ), slowly gets up and walks over to Brenda.

S: (as he is trying to undo her nurses cap) “We’ll take an oath in blood, if you insist.” He gets the cap down and runs his finger through her hair trying to get the pins out -- she ends up helping him.

B: “Won’t that be dangerous?”

S: “Of course. Isn’t danger what you’re looking for?”

B: (has all the pins out of her hair and its down now) “Why do you say that?”

S: “Because ever since we’ve met, every move you’ve made has been flirting with danger.” (As he is saying this, he picks up her hand, holds it to his mouth and kisses it erotically -- a looong kiss BTW)

B: “Maybe I could stop.”

S: “It’s too late for that.” Brenda turns her back to him and he brushes her hair off her neck with his hand. He pulls her uniform off her neck a little and starts kissing her neck. She closes her eyes and as he goes to nibble (well, it’s actually more than a nibble ) her ear, he says, “You own me. You’re responsible for me. You gave me my life back. Now it’s my turn to give to you.” He’s kissing her neck and ear now.

B: “What do you have to give to me?” (Brenda is closing her eyes and tilting her head back on him)

S: “Anything your heart desires.” “Excitement.” (he’s going for that ear again - whew!), “Passion, ecstasy.” (as he’s saying this, well....her nurses outfit somehow comes off and um...she’s not wearing much underneath it, if you know what I mean ) He puts his arms around her stomach and squeezes her tight. He kisses her shoulder and neck again. He rests his hands on her arms.

S: “Brenda, you’re quivering like a leaf.”

B: “I can’t help it.” He turns her around to face him.

S: “Don’t ever be frightened of me.” Brenda looks down shyly and then slowly gazes back up at him longingly.

S: “G*d, you’re beautiful.” (true)

B: (softly) “So are you.” (even truer) They are holding hands now. “What do you want me to do?”

S: “Nothing. Just let me worship you.” He puts his arms around her and well, um...they pretty much sink to the bed. He goes to kiss her neck and she puts her arms around him. He comes up from her neck, he opens his mouth and there are these vampire fangs in his mouth!! She continues letting him kiss her neck even though she saw the fangs.

Back to Brenda laying on the bed in Rochester - she’s hugging a pillow and has quite a dreamy expression on her face along with a smile.

Memorable Quote

(Valentines day. Brenda wraps herself as Sonny's present.)

S-Is this all for me? B-well, I certainly wouldn't make a fool out of myself for anyone but you


Stefan rushes Nikolas to the hospital. Carly is encouraged by what she sees between AJ and Keesha. Jason ends up in the hospital. Jax and Mac get Rebecca to come clean about the ''Tin Man''. Lucky makes plans for the summer. Taggert questions Robin about Jason's shooting. Sonny and Brenda continue their trek. Sarah and Nikolas connect. Monica feels guilty about Jason's injury. Trooper V suspects Jax is responsible for her misfortune. A guilty Stefan searches for Nikolas. Jason gives Mac an important clue. Jax makes plans to head south. Stefan makes a surprise discovery about Nikolas. Emily sees a disturbing sight.

Monday: Jason is rushed to the ER with a bullet wound. Stefan chooses between Nikolas and his plan.
Tuesday: Sonny wonders why he hasn't heard from Jason.
Wednesday: Nikolas asks Katherine if he can stay with her.
Thursday: Carly is encouraged by A.J. and Keesha's closeness. Sonny and Brenda barely escape getting trapped.
Friday: Jason collapses while trying to leave the hospital. Bobbie prepares to tell Katherine the kind of man Stefan really is.

Next Week:

Bobbie warns Katherine about Stefan. Jax and V are stranded on an atoll. Nicholas is upset by Lucky's plans with Sarah. Emily tells Alan she thinks Monica killed Dorman.

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    Sonny and Brenda Song

    We Belong

    Twenty times I've tried to tell you
    Twenty times I've cried alone
    Always, I'm surprised how well you cut my feelings to the bone
    Don't want to leave you, really
    I've invested too much time
    To give you up that easy, to the doubts that complicate your mind
    We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder
    We belong to the sound of the words we're both falling under
    Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better,
    We belong, we belong, we belong together.
    Maybe it's a sign of weakness when I don't know what to say
    Maybe I just wouldn't know what to do with my strength anyway
    Have we become a habit? Do we distort the facts?
    Now, there's no looking foward, now there's no turning back
    When you say we belong to the light, we belong to the thunder,
    We belong to the sound of the words we're both falling under
    We belong to the sound of the words we're both falling under
    Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better,
    We belong, we belong, we belong together.
    Close your eyes and try to sleep now
    Close your eyes and try to dream
    We can't begin to know it, how much you really care
    I hear your voice inside me, I see your face everywhere
    Still you say we belong to the light, we belong to the thunder,
    We belong to the soundof the word's we're both falling under
    Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better,
    We belong, we belong, we belong together.
    We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder,
    We belong to the sound of the words we're both falling under
    Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better,
    We Belong!!!!

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