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Sonny and Brenda Newsletter

Greeting from the editor

Hello! Welcome to the sixth edition of the Sonny and Brenda Newsletter from Sonny and Brenda Online.

-Heather Conzett

Sonny and Brenda Update

Well, they're on the run, living on a yacht and sitting in bed and Sonny confiding more of himself in Brenda. She asks if this is hard for him running like this. He let's her know that he has never ran from anything and the only time he ever did it ended up in disaster with Lily being blown to bits. Sonny let her know he couldn't stand the thought of her being locked up in a cell and when he heard her scream and he saw Dumb & Dumber standing over her he knew he will kill them and he wouldn't let Brenda end up like Lily so they had no other choice. She let him know that as long as she is with him they can do anything. He made her egg benedicts and they end up making love in bed. He also told her that when this is all over that he is going to buy this boat. She told him that one of the things she loves about him is that he goes after what he wants and he told her that once he gets it he doesn't let go. He told her she a spoiled brat but he loves that about her. He's also worried about Jason, because he hasn't called yet. Little does he know Jason has been shot by no other than the Tin Man. Sonny, is worried so he calls Jason, Robin answers the phone and he knows that something is wrong. Robin tells him that Jason, was shot by the Tin Man. Sonny goes ballistic, giving orders that Jason is to stay in the hospital and to get off the case with the Tin Man. He also tells Robin to stay close to Mac and to put guards on Jason. Sonny tells Brenda, that Jason has been shot, Brenda, suggested that they go back. Sonny says no way he want this Tin Man with a revenges first he goes after Brenda and now Jason he not having that. So they don the disguises that Luke gave them Brenda a blonde and Sonny some sort of handyman and away they go. But before they leave the yacht they lose the cell phone. Jason, is worried about them and can't get through. They are trying to figure out a way to get to Miami, Brenda comes up with a plan to get on the back of a truck and they almost make but here comes the police. The police got a tip that Sonny is some Billy Bob, but thanks to Brenda quick thinking and Sonny being able to follow along they prove what a good team they make. They manage to get on the truck and all to Miami they go. Brenda asks Sonny what next Sonny let's her know they are following the trail that the Tin Man has set. Meanwhile Jason is worried about Sonny and decides he has to get out of the hospital so he asks Emily to help him. While he's getting dress Jason slips and falls and reopens the wound. S&B are on everyone's mind Jax's is fueling up the plane to fly down to the keys, but Trooper V is right behind him and threating to shoot if necessary. And while all these things are happening the Tin Man and Mr. X are waiting.

S&B Memories

This section is dedicated to a past S&B scene transcript and a memorable line from the past.

S&B Insurance Salesman Nightmare

Background: S&B just had a falling-out: They were in the middle of making love when 2 thugs broke in and kidnapped Sonny, and Brenda got scared. Sonny returned home safe and sound, but Brenda kind of ended it. Next, Lois and Brenda had a heart-to-heart, and Lois told Brenda that she couldn't reform Sonny. Brenda's in bed, dreaming.

VOICE-OVER OF LOIS: Bren, Sonny is what he is, and I wouldn't waste my time trying to reform him if that's what you mean.

VOICE-OVER OF BRENDA: What is normal!?

VOICEOVER OF LOIS: Well, maybe a relationship with just a tiny bit of predictability.

BRENDA: Predictability... Is that what I really want? I guess it has its advantages.

(Brenda falls asleep and is dreaming. She is in the same bed, only she's wearing this sexy satin nightgown. Sonny is hanging up his jacket; he's wearing suspenders, a bowtie, glasses, and other geeky atire.)

BRENDA: Honey, how was work?

SONNY: Barnes has a real feel for the job, I think he's gonna work out just fine.

(Brenda nods, Sonny sits down on the bed and starts taking his clothes off.)

SONNY: We're gonna have to replace all the fluorescent lights in the office with halogen lights. But, everything's fine.

(Brenda starts getting closer to him, trying to seduce him. Sonny appears unmoved.)

SONNY: Grosses are up, 4 % since last quarter; the brass is pleased.

(Sonny starts dusting off his glasses.)

SONNY: So many details. But like Mr. Downey says, (Brenda mouths the words along with him) "Where there's a plan, success will follow."

BRENDA: That's right honey. (annoyed) Why are you getting undressed? You're gonna take me out, remember?

SONNY: No, Brenda, no can do.

BRENDA: Why not? We haven't gone out in weeks!

SONNY: Brenda, I have to get up early, run my 3 miles, and I have an early staff meeting, and I need my 20 minutes to... organize my briefcase.

BRENDA: I'll organize your briefcase!

SONNY: Brenda, I need my 10 hours of sleep, you know that, honey, you understand, now.

BRENDA: Why can't some other salesman do it, *darling*? (She throws a pillow at him.)

SONNY: Honey bunch, I have built a relationship with these people, they trust me. What would Mr. Jones think if I sent someone else to do his theft and fire policy?

BRENDA: That you have a life, maybe?

SONNY: I care - and care is the pavement of the road to success. If I want a shot at that exclusive million-dollar sales club, I have to keep at it. Early bird makes the sale!

BRENDA: (mocking) Early bird makes the sale.

SONNY: Did you say something?


(Sonny goes to take his vitamins.)

SONNY: A, B, C, D, E, and zinc.

BRENDA: (seductively) Love muffin, darling, I just thought maybe we'd have a little excitement for once (winking).

SONNY: Excitement you want? Excitement you get. I just discovered the most amazing statistic in the actuary tables, let me tell you about it.

(Psycho theme starts playing, Brenda is *very* annoyed.)

SONNY: At the beginning of each demographic group... you see the numbers? It's unbelievable.

(Brenda screams and wakes up in bed - alone.)

Memorable Quote

B-I want you ont of here. I want you with me, I want you more than I ever have. Do you remember what Stone said to us when he told us to live in the moment, that's what we need to do right now, we need to live in the moment, our moment is now, I want you to be with me.


Bobbie warns Katherine about Stefan. Carly manipulates Keesha and then lies to her to get her closer to A.J. Jason vows to help Sonny no matter what. Jax tries to get rid of V., but runs into plane troubles before he can get away. Stefan tries to make Katherine feel guilty about her latest connection to Nikolas. Tony fails to tell Bobbie the truth. Robin gets a letter that could take her far away from Port Charles. Sonny and Brenda narrowly miss a vital clue in Flordia. Sarah and Nikolas grow closer, but he later learns that she has plans with Lucky. A.J. confronts Carly about her lies. Monica blames herself for Jason's shooting, while Emily suspects that she's hiding something. Jax and V. grow closer. Sonny and Brenda don't realize how close they are to an important person.

Monday: Bobbie warns Katherine about Stefan
Tuesday: Jax and V. are stranded.
Wednesday: Sonny and Brenda check into a Tiger Key motel and narrowly miss a clue.
Thursday: Nikolas is upset to learn that Lucky invited Sarah to the picnic.
Friday: Emily tells Alan she thinks Monica killed Dorman.

Next Week:

Alan swears Emily to secrecy. Jason reacts badly when Robin begs Sonny to keep Jason out of trouble. Sonny and Brenda meet their enemy.

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    Sonny and Brenda Song

    Now and Forever by Richard Marx

    Whenever I'm weary from the battles that rage in my head
    You make sense of madness when my sanity hangs by a thread
    I lose my way but still you seem to understand
    Now and forever I will be your man.
    Sometimes I just hold you 
    Too caught up in me to see
    I'm holding a fortune that heaven has given to me
    I'll try to show you each and every way I can
    Now and forever I will be your man
    Now I can rest my worries and always be sure
    That I won't be alone anymore
    If I'd only known you were there all the time
    All this time
    Until the day the ocean doesn't touch the sand
    Now and forever I will be your man
    Now and forever I will be your man

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