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Sonny and Brenda Newsletter

Greeting from the editor

Hello! Welcome to the seventh edition of the Sonny and Brenda Newsletter from Sonny and Brenda Online.

-Heather Conzett

Sonny and Brenda Update

Well, their still on the run, in the back of a truck on their way to Miami, Brenda just had a nightmare about being shot in the shower. Sonny reassures her that it was just a dream he also tries to explained the working of his organization and why someone might want to see him dead. Sonny suggests that maybe he should hide Brenda somewhere and continue on his own, she let's him know she can handle it and that as long as there together they will be find. Sonny let's Brenda know just how much he loves her and vice versa. They land in Miami and decide to hitch Brenda bets Sonny she can get a car stop in no time flat. Well she does only it's the cops.(Now what??) Well because there're so good together they were able to come up with an fantastic story and after running their id through the police computer, they got a ride for the cop to Tiger Keys (are they good or what??) After arriving at the motel they check and miss a very important clue. They are going to start following the clues, Sonny found the tin object on the floor just like Jason told him. Then the decide to bar hop to see if they can find the Tin Man since he knows that their're in Miami. Sonny thinks they should bar hop and Brenda is a little nervous about that, she thinks maybe they should go home. Sonny, hesitates and she assures him that she knows he will make it right. He tell her that the only thing he has done right was not letting her go. Well, what do you do after that, you bar hop. They find the bar and what they don't know is the Tin Man is the bartender. Tin Man called Mr. X to let him know that S&B are on their way.

Meanwhile in PC Jason is worried sick about Sonny and has made Mike promise to let him know the moment he hears from Sonny. Even though Robin is wishing otherwise. Jason, called someone to tell them to find out where Jax is and stop him before he gets Sonny shot. Things come to a head between Jason and Robin and I think their relationship is over. (So now what will Jason do??)

An on a deserted island Jax and Trooper V are stranded after lightening struck Jax's plan who was on his way to Florida to help Brenda. Jax and "V" are bonding.

Line of the Week

Brenda: "I know you are going to do the right thing"
Sonny: "The only thing I ever did right is not let go of you"

S&B Memories

This section is dedicated to a past S&B scene transcript and a memorable line from the past.

Sonny as a Gangster fantasy

(continuation from last week's Insurance Salesman fantasy)

(After awakening from her last nightmare, Brenda is relieved it was just a dream.)

BRENDA: No predictability, no thank you!

(Brenda is tossing and turning.)

VOICE-OVER OF BRENDA: Now, maybe it's the fact that I can't have him that attracts me. Or maybe it's the danger that attracts me the most.

(Brenda falls asleep again. This time, she's in the same bed again, only the dream is in black and white. You hear foot-steps coming up the stairs. Sonny breaks down the door and comes in dressed like a '20s gangster: complete with a top hat and a cigarette. Now Brenda has her own cigarette. "The Nearness of You" starts playing.)

SONNY: You're gonna need a new doorlock.

BRENDA: Right.

(Sonny takes off his hat and jacket, and they fall onto the bed. They begin to kiss passionately, when Brenda wakes up. Needless to say, Brenda's smiling this time.)

BRENDA: That's definitely more like it!

Memorable Quote

Brenda: I want Sonny.


Monday: Emily is sworn to secrecy, this time by Alan.
Tuesday: Carly goes to an AA meeting to learn more about memory loss.
Wednesday: Robin asks a "torn" Sonny to fire Jason to keep him safe.
Thursday: An angry Jason confronts Robin.
Friday: Sonny and Brenda come face to face with their enemy.

Next Week:

Carly devises a plan to make A.J. forget that "night."

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    Sonny and Brenda Song

    "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders

    Oh, why you look so sad
    The tears are in your eyes
    Come on and come to me love
    Don't be ashamed to cry
    Let me see you through
    'Coz I've seen the dark side too
    When the night falls on you
    Don't know what to do
    Nothing you confess
    Can make me love you less

    I'll stand by you
    I'll stand by you
    Won't let nobody hurt you
    I'll stand by you

    So, if your mad get mad
    Don't hold it all inside
    Come on and talk to me now
    And hey, what you got to hide
    I get angry too
    Cuz I'm a lot like you
    When your standing at the crossroads
    Don't know which path to choose
    Let me come along
    'Coz even if your wrong

    I'll stand by you
    I'll stand by you
    Won't let nobody hurt you
    I'll stand by you
    Take into your darkest hour
    And I'll never desert you
    I'll stand by you

    And when, when the night falls on you baby
    Your feeling all alone
    You won't be all alone

    I'll stand by you
    I'll stand by you
    Won't let nobody hurt you
    I'll stand by you
    Take me on onto your darkest hour
    And I'll never desert you
    I'll stand by you
    I'll stand by you
    Won't let nobody hurt you
    I'll stand by you
    Won't let nobody hurt you
    I'll stand by you
    I'll stand by you
    Won't let nobody hurt you
    I'll stand by you
    Baby on into your darkest hour
    And I'll never desert you
    I'll stand by you
    I'll stand by you
    Won't let nobody hurt you
    I'll stand by you

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