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What's New/Announcements page

SBO = Sonny and Brenda Online
MBHP = Maurice Benard Homepage
Storylines Page =
SBMB = Sonny and Brenda Music Box

April 27, 1997

Poll #39 is now up.
The results to Polls 37 and 38 are up as well.

April 25, 1997

The password protected board is now totally password protected. You must register to read and post on the board. I am trying to register people as quickly as possible, but there will more than likely be a delay. The registration gliche seems to have fixed itself, so I am taking advantage of this opportunity to register as many people as possible.

April 18, 1997

Poll #38 is now up.
7 storylines added/continued.

April 13, 1997

Poll #37 is in.
The results to Poll #36 are up.

Approximately 50 listing entered into the directory. If yours is not there and you know you submitted it, please read the note on the top of the page.

The Java scroller thing on the bottom replaced with a different one. Wait for the page to load (if your browser allows Java) and see what it says ;-)

April 8, 1997

The S&B Question of the week was changed (a little late, I know!)
3 new links added to SBO & the MBHP: Two in the couples catagory & one in the web ring catagory.

April 6, 1997

Poll #36 is up.
The results to poll #35 are up.

April 2, 1997

11 stories added/continued.

April 1, 1997

101 Reasons why J&B are not a Supercouple

March 31, 1997

Poll #35 is up.
Results to Poll #34 are up.

March 30, 1997

The new password protected board is up! It's located at

Two new GH links added to the SBO links page.

March 29, 1997

Sonny and Brenda were SOD's Editors Choice in the April 8, 1997 issue! Click here to read the full article.

March 28, 1997

The Web Help page updated.

March 25- March 27

I am almost caught up on the registrations for the new board. It should debut soon, possibly within the next week.

March 23, 1997

The following storylines were added/continued:

"Together Forever" (New)
"The Right Thing" continued.

The results to poll #33 are up.

March 22, 1997

6 new pictures added to the S&B Photo gallery.

Some MIDI's were added to the song page. Thanks to Cathy for sending them!
Note: Many new songs will be added sometime near the end of the month/beginning of April.

The History of S&B page is back. The problem was that the server that it was on decided to quit giving away free home pages and focus on their paying commercial pages and delete all of the free pages created. Thanks to Sheniz for sending me the history again! :-)

Poll #34 is now up.
The results to Poll 32 are up.

March 20, 1997

The following Storylines were added or continued:

"A New Beginning" (continued)
"Two Lifes One Heart" (continued)
"S&B Forever" (new)
"Six Years" (new)
"The Loves Of their Lives" (continued)
"Bonded For Life" (new)
S&B Story by Kuner (new)
"The Right Thing" (new)

March 17, 1997

The S&B Photo gallery now has clickable images so that they can be saved easier. Yes, if you have a web site you may use these images.
Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!

March 16, 1997

TV & Film Credits page added to the MBHP.
Links page on the MBHP updated.
The Sonny Corinthos message board is now fixed.
Poll #33 is now up.

March 14-16, 1997

Due to the ice storm that hit Detroit and the surrounding areas, my power was out for nearly 2 days. It's not stable yet (in fact, only 1/2 of the house has power), so there may still be times where I am unavailable. :-((((

March 13-14, 1997

There are now 68 people registered for the new board. When you are registered, you will recieve an e-mail if you provided a valid e-mail address.

March 11 - 12, 1997

Due to unfortunate negative activity on the Sonny and Brenda message board, I forced to make it so that one needs a password to post. Everyone will be able to view the messages, but only those that have registered can post. To register, come to I have also added an add-on to the wwwboard.cgi script that Jeff (PCO) sent me that helps track down trouble-posters.

March 8, 1997

Added 3 new S&B Pictures to the S&B Photo Gallery

Added a new title image to the rotating image script. Here's a direct link to the new image: sbonline7.gif

Added the transcript of S&B's scenes on yesterday's show. Click here to read it!

Poll #32 is now up.
The results to poll #31 are up.
The Sonny Corinthos Message Exchange has moved to

The following storylines have been added:

"The Loves of their Lives" added.
"Two Lives One Heart" added.
"A Change in Plans 2" continued.
"Forever" continued.
"S&B Puerto Rico '97" continued.

March 7, 1997

The Maurice Benard/Sonny Corinthos Message Exchange is in the process of moving from the /HeatherC directory to the /SonnyBrenda directory and should be back up tomorrow.

March 4, 1997

The Links page recieved a major upgrading today! Many new links added!

March 3, 1997

This week's Scoops!

March 2, 1997

Question of the week changed.
Results to poll #30 are also up.
Poll #31 is now up.

February 27, 1997

The following storylines were added:
"A New Beginning" continued.
"Puerto Rico Passion"
"The Trial of the Century"
"Welcome Home" storyline continued.

New link added to the MBHP & SBO.
S&Believers directory updated.

February 24, 1997

Added 3 new fan clubs links.

February 23, 1997

10 new songs added.

February 22, 1997

S&Believers Directory updated.

The following storylines were added:
"A New Beginning"
"Change in Plans 2"
"Where Do Broken Hearts Go?"
"Reality Check"
Continutation to "Welcome Home."

Poll #30 is now up!
Results to Poll #29.

February 21, 1997

This week's scoops!

February 19, 1997

The Sonny and Brenda message board has moved! The new location is

Vanessa Marcil petition added to the SOS-B page.

February 18, 1997

I did my best to provide this week's scoops since I haven't recieved them from Sue yet, however they aren't as good as hers.

Storyline "It Happened One Night" added.
"Everything Changes" added.

February 17, 1997

Continuation to the storyline "Forever" added.
Storyline "A Lifetime Together" added.

February 15, 1997

Poll #29 is now up.
Results to Poll #28 are now up.
Question of the week changed.
Two new Java games added to the GHEC.

The following are now on the Storylines page

"Home is where the heart is"
"Here we are again"
Continuation to "Out of the Ashes"
"A Change in Plans"

February 12, 1997

For those of you with Java-enabled browsers, I have added a script to the main page that scrolls a message ("Welcome to Sonny and Brenda Online") along the bottom of your screen (where it shows the loading and Document Done messages) AFTER the page loads.

February 9, 1997

New fan club address added.
20 new songs added.

February 8, 1997

Results are now shown in a table.
Poll #28 added.
Results to Poll #27 are now up.
The SOS-B page has moved! It's new location is and the new address for any suggestions concerning the campaigns is

February 7, 1997

This week's scoops!

(All of the below are on the storylines page)
Added the GH Web Ring code to this page as well.
"The Time of Her Life" added.
"Welcome Home" continuation added.
"Clues S&B" added.
"Starting Over" added.
"S&B Puerto Rico '97" continuation added
"Out of the Ashes" continuation added.

February 6, 1997

(Note: I had some computer problems last night and couldn't update the what's new page. Below is a list of what's new on SBO.)

-MIDI verson to Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" added.
-GH ring added to the MBHP and GHEC.
-Pacific Coast Comforter banner added. So far it's on the main SBO page and the SBO Message board page for posting new messages.
-CommonWealth banners added to the links page and the what's new page.

February 5, 1997

S&Believers directory updated.
Broken link to the number of signings of Petition 3 fixed.

February 4, 1997

The Ring of General Hospital formed for anyone with a GH page!

February 3, 1997

The number of signitures for Petition #1 has been updated on the SOS-B page.

I formed Web Help page for those of you who have asked me or thought of asking me how to do some of the things that I have done on S&B Online. The page is not complete, but I felt that there were enough good links on it to link it.

This weeks Scoops!

February 2, 1997

The GH Updates section is back up with links to each day's updates from TV Guide Online.

February 1, 1997

5 pictures of Sonny added to the Maurice Benard photo gallery. (NOTE: The new pictures are on the new gallery page).

S&B Poll #27 is now up.
Results to Poll #26 are now up.
Question of the week changed.

January 30, 1997

Removed the little icons that said "Club information", etc and replaced them with regular text so that S&B Online can load quicker.

Another new song added.

January 29, 1997

4 new songs added.

Serve installed new hardware which caused a great deal of messages to be cut off from the S&B message board. 250 messages were cut off, but luckily it didn't crash entirely!

January 26, 1997

This week's Scoops!
S&Believers directory updated. All of the directory listings that I have recieved as of Jan. 26 at 8:25PM EST are now up.
Results to Poll 25 are now up.
Poll #26 is now up.

January 25, 1997

"For Love" storyline added.

Two new SBO logos added to the rotations. If you want to view them all instead of waiting for them to pop up on the page, here are the links:

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the commercial! :-)

January 24, 1997

What makes Sonny tick? commercial added (originally from AOL)

Several days messages were removed from the SBO message board to make room for more posts and (MUCH) faster loading.

January 23, 1997

"Welcome Home" fantasy storyline added.

January 22, 1997

The title on the main page is now a rotating image script. There are currently 4 images in the program, however there will be many more when I have more time to make them. To view the new titles, hit Ctrl and then Reload (A.K.A. Super Reload).

Added 12 new songs.

January 21, 1997

Added a promo shot of Maurice sitting by a pool in a leather jacket to the MBHP photo gallery.

Come to the new Sonny and Brenda Chatroom if you are using a Java-capable browser!
Added a picture of Maurice to the MBHP.
Added a picture of the S&B ad in color to SBO.
Removed pictures of Maurice that are on the MBHP and added a link to the MBHP photo gallery so that the SBO picture gallery doesn't take as long to load.

January 20, 1997

Removed messages posted on 1/14 & 1/15 from the S&B Message board.
Results to Poll #24 are now up.

January 18, 1997

Poll #25 is now up.
This weeks scoops!

January 17, 1997

New messages/replies on the Sonny Corinthos Message Exchange will now be in color.
The songs page is now available in frames and non-frames versions.
Added 6 new songs & moved the song page because I ran out of disk space at the Tripod account.
Removed the image map from SBO because many of the links have been moved and many new features have been added since the last time it was updated.
Changed the top graphic for S&B Online.

January 16, 1997

New picture of Sonny/Maurice added to the photo galleries!!!!!
S&Believers Directory updated.
New messages/replies to the SBO MB will now be in color.
Added 22 new songs.

January 15, 1997

Petition #3 signings page created. (both on the SOS-B page)
Petition #1 signings page updated.
Continuation to "To Protect My Love" added.
IRC Chat page moved due to the new table code making the Tripod footer table overlap with the top of the page.
Changed background on the Directory page.
All directory listings sent to me before the 15th are now online!
New Special Chat night added!

January 14, 1997

9 new directory listings added. More will be added either tomorrow or Thursday when I have more time & sleep. :-) I am now on the forms sent to me on January 3.

January 13, 1997

Significant changes made to the GH Entertainment Center.

January 12, 1997

The SOS-B page will be updated on Wednesday or Thursday as well.
The directory listings will be updated on either Wednesday or Thursday. I am now on the January 2nd's submissions.
Scoops are now up!

January 11, 1997

Added the following storylines: S&B Puerto Rico '97; Facing Our Future, To Protect my Love and Brenda Barrett the Heroine to the storylines page.
Added a link to the GH Links page for the MBHP & SBO and did some general tidying up on both links pages.
The question of the week is now up.
Removed several messages from the Vanessa message board due to problems with their content.
Removed an offensive message from the SBO MB.
Moved the image files on the SBO message board from Geocities to Serve so that when Geocities is down for some reason, the images will still load as usual.
Deleted 4 days worth of messages on the SBO board to prevent it from crashing.
Posted a request on PCO for more S&B storylines upon many requests for new material.
Added a storyline (Out of the Ashes, by PartyDoll) that was sent to me awile ago.
Poll #24.
Results to Poll #23.

January 9, 1997

Added web rings to the storylines page and the GHEC.
Added new pictures of Maurice to the SBO & MBHP photo galleries.
Added the continuation to the storyline S&B Heartbeat.
Simplified the page for joining S&Believers.

January 8, 1997

The chat program that I used for the S&B chat room is now available again! Come to the GHEC for the link to the new General Hospital Chat Room.

January 6, 1997

A Note:
This is the week for Final Reviews for me, so that means less time online. I'll still be able to get online every day to check my mail & make sure none of the boards have crashed. Also, this weekend, I should have time to put the new poll & scoops up, so nothing should be thrown off-track. After the 14th (last day of finals), this note will no longer apply, but until then, I've gotta study so that I can pass those finals! Thanks for understanding!


January 5, 1997

Results to Poll #22 are now up.

January 4, 1997

Added 4 new songs.
You can now register with the Entertainment center page for updates. Other pages will soon have this feature as well.
Moved the S&Believers Directory to Geocities. More listings should be up today.
Poll #23 added.
Poll Question added to SBO Polls page.
This Week's Scoops!
What's New page formed.